It doesn’t need great knowledge to understand the importance of Computers in our lives, but it takes quit an effort to know how it functions, its hardware and software. A B. Tech. in Computer Science Engineering exactly helps you acquire immense knowledge about Computers and related technology. Mankind has come a long way from the initial huge-room size computers, to desktop PCs to laptops and smart – tabs and mobiles. Both the hardware and software have changed unprecedentedly and everyone is benefiting immensely due to the change. The scope to research, learn, experiment and invent is vast when you choose Engineering Course in Computers. Besides IT and ITes Sector along with the IT hardware Infrastructure sector is one of the fastest growing vertical globally. It provides numerous career opportunities within the country and well as outside the country.

Read further, if you have decided to choose Computer Engineering as your major.

The curriculum for B Tech in Computer Science & Engineering program typically aims at preparing graduates with a broad perspective in both software and hardware areas related to computing systems. It provides specialized knowledge necessary to analyze, design and evaluate system software, utility programs and software-hardware architectures. The program includes courses in mathematics, science, and engineering. This enables students like you to design solutions for a wide variety of application domains. You can also gain hands on experience in the laboratory courses that complement classroom work and develop design skills.

After finishing the course, you may have a very good chance of getting placed during campus recruitment with decent pay packages. Large numbers of companies employ huge number of computer professionals in their Indian and Overseas offices. Many IT/Allied Industries require a decent number of Software Engineers, Systems Engineers, System Analysts, Business/ Domain Analysts, Systems Administrators, Project Managers, Network Engineers, Software Consultants and so on. The Computer Science professionals also have numerous opportunities in Government Departments and Private Sectors, like Railways, Defence R&D, and Educational Institutions. Entrepreneurship is also an attractive career option.