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Pros/Cons of Living On or Living Off Campus

College life is all fun and adventure, however, a student also needs to take care of responsibilities and take major decisions. One of the significant decisions is to decide about accommodation. How to decide where to live – on-campus or off-campus. You have to consider multiple options from choosing an idle location, traveling cost to picking a roommate. With so many factors to weigh in, you have to try out many possibilities to find the right one. Whether it is living on-campus or off-campus, both the scenarios have their benefits and disadvantages. Nonetheless, let us discuss some pros and cons of living on-campus and off-campus.

Living On-Campus – Pros

Convenience – You can wake up 15 minutes before the class starts if you are staying at a hostel. No hassle of commuting and traffic. You will never get late to a class.

More social responsibilities – Build new connections and stumble upon friendships anytime, anywhere.

Built-in community – Be an active participant in all the cultural, sports and other activities and attend lectures and seminars happening after college hours. Be the first ones to know what’s happening around the campus.

Simple life – Just pay once for the room and mess and you do not have to worry about monthly rent, electricity bill, or any furniture item and you can save time and money.

Living On-Campus – Cons

Less space and less privacy – You have to compromise on space and privacy if you have opted for hostel rooms. You will have to share the tiny room with another person and you will be surrounded by people even if you are an introvert.

Rules – Hostel life comes with stringent rules – eating on time, getting back to your room before 10 PM, not allowing friends of opposite gender to your room, and attending meetings.

Expensive – Depending on the fee structure and facilities provided, it can be quite expensive if you are staying on-campus.

No exposure – On-campus living makes you ignorant of the outside world. You can easily get stuck in the university bubble and get caught up in different clubs and communities.

Living Off-Campus Pros

More freedom, space, and independence – Your apartment, your rules! If you are staying off-campus, you feel more independent. With so much of space, you can easily set up a kitchen, living room and enjoy your personal space. Now when you are not surrounded with hostel mates, you can follow your own schedule and eat or sleep whenever you want.

Cheaper – It requires a lot of effort to build a home, but once established, it is a cheaper option.

Flexible roommate choice – You can choose your own roommate and have a better chemistry. It is much convenient to have friends over at your place.

Moving out every summer – With your own place you do not have to move out at the end of every semester and vacate your room. You can live as long as you want with all your luggage at once place.

Living Off-Campus Cons

Commuting – Every day walking or driving to school is not an easy task in high traffic. You need to have plenty of time for traveling especially if you are staying far away from the campus.

More responsibilities – You will have to take care of all the necessary bills, grocery shopping, apartment cleaning, and internet that can hamper your studies and take away your leisure time.

Less social interaction – You will lose out on important information circulated in the campus as word of mouth reaches slower if you are living off-campus. You will have to stay after college hours if you are an active participant in college activities.

Extra costs – Although off-campus life seems cheaper, you end up spending a lot on monthly bills, furniture items, or maintenance of the apartment. Small things such as curtains, doormats, can add up the cost of living.

So, what have you decided? Are you willing to stay on-campus or wish to move out of the campus?

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