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January 16, 2019
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REVA Campaign for Do Not Drink and Drive

Despite numerous public education campaigns and legal initiatives, people do not take drunk driving seriously and hence, it still remains a pressing issue in India. Not only does alcohol impair your motor skills but also reduces your visual acuity, thereby diminishing your judgement on the road. Research has found that the response time of people who are under the influence of any substance decreases by 15 to 25 percent. Hence, the slowed reaction and impaired judgment lead to road accidents.

To spread awareness on important issues such as road safety and driving under influence, REVA University organized a Student led campaign on the theme – ‘Do not Drink and Drive’ on 29 December 2018. The initiative was aimed at reminding the citizens of the city, not to operate their vehicles under the influence of any substance.

Bengaluru was identified as the “year of drunk drivers” in 2018 by some of the leading newspapers based on a survey. With the number of road fatalities increasing threefold since 2017, the city roads became dangerous for Bengaluru citizens. It is a widely known fact that New Year’s Eve witnesses a greater number of alcohol related car accidents than any other night. According to a survey, the 12 – hour window between 6 pm on December 31 and 6 am on January 1 have about 71 percent more accidents, compared to an average weekend night. The major contributing factor for these crashes is alcohol or drugs.

Finding these violators and penalizing them is not the final solution to this serious problem of drinking and driving on roads. The responsibility does not only rest in the hands of the police department and law enforcement agency, but each individual too who should also be making a conscious choice to not mix drinking and driving. Isn’t there always a better option? You can keep the roads safe for your loved ones and others by not driving under influence.

With an aim to make a significant difference, REVA University which always comes forward in favor of public welfare and security, once again became a torchbearer. Due to an increased number of automobiles, the traffic scene in Bengaluru has become pretty insufferable. Hence, rules and regulations become pertinent to the existence of a safe city. The youth of the country are actively mobilized to bring about this awareness.

REVA University, a hub of fantastic activities and ideas, demonstrated the surmounted importance of road safety through its student organized rally, a powerful street play, and speeches to awaken the direness of the offence in civilians. The University Students dressed in red with informative placards enacted a powerful street play and delivered speeches. The Street Play was performed at Kammnahalli, New BEL Road, Cunningham Road, M. G Road, Indiranagar, and Koramangala.

REVA University concluded 2018 on a positive note by spreading the message on “Do not Drink and Drive” through its Student led rally wherein REVA students and faculty vigorously campaigned at all important spots of Bengaluru, beginning with New BEL Road, and carried on with slogans, coming full circle on MG Road. The citizens and police officials appreciated and wholeheartedly supported this great initiative.

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