Increasing population, rapid & unplanned urbanization and higher consumption levels have led to a considerable increase in the amount of waste generated during the last decade. As reports suggests, around 62 million tonnes of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) is being generated across urban India every year, with large metros such as Mumbai alone generating over 7000 tonnes a day. However, the problem is aggravating day by day in the absence of efficient waste management services and adequate infrastructure to address the same. Non-availability of recyclable/reusable waste further adds burden on natural resources to meet fresh demand of sustainable living and also causes contamination on land, water and air, adversely affecting the quality of life on our planet.

In its efforts to create awareness among youth for segregating & disposing waste responsibly and in the process creating sustainable livelihoods for people, REVA University participated in ‘Well being out of Waste (WOW)’ programme, conducted by ITC Limited. We had contributed 13,860 Kgs of waste paper for recycling and saved 305 trees, 360 kilo litres water, 12 Mt carbon dioxide reduction, 6237 unites Energy and 15.2 cubic meter land fill space during jan 2017. ITC Limited has given the ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ for active participation of REVA UNIVERSITY in the programme and helping in making INDIA CLEAN and GREEN. We were able to get 634 REAMS of high quality A4 sheets from Waste Paper contribution to ITC Limited..