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September 25, 2019
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Robotics and its Future Impacts on Humans

When you hear about robots or robotics,  do not think about the killer machines that you saw in the Terminator series. We are talking about the good robots here who can perform complex jobs quite easily and even cook for you if designed properly.

The word robot has always increased our fascination. Every one of us keeps thinking on how will it look like, what type of tasks it can perform, can a robot be self-aware, can it pass the basics of the Turing Test and more.  Most people believe that a home robot can save two hours a day and keep an expectation of companionship from robots. Several people want to have a home robot simply to have the company of another individual, which is a great idea for people who feel lonely.

How robotics impact the future of humans

Industries Using Robots: Automobile industry is one of those niches that will be affected by the robotics. Numerous big brands of automobile industry utilise robotics for car designing, engine manufacturing, painting the cars, and checking braking accuracy. With the help of robots, an automobile can be incorporated with sensors that would enhance the security features of the car to a greater extent.

Robots for teaching: Think about a teacher who is perfect in a particular subject or maybe in all curriculum and courses. With the amalgamation of AI and robotics, a student can learn in a better way because a robot can be a perfect teacher. Robots can deliver tailored learning by evaluating the response of the class and will be more productive. Also, a robot teacher can teach you all those things that a normal does. A robot teacher can heuristically learn multiple things in an instant and will be able to solve your doubts any time.

Robots in healthcare: Just like a perfect teacher, imagine a doctor who never makes any mistake, whose success rate is 100%. Wouldn’t that be amazing? A robot can perform intricate brain or heart surgery with ease and without risking the lives of patients. Cobot is a robotic device controlled by computer and designed to assist a person in pinpointing the exact place of surgery  to be performed- without using endoscopy that is considered as very painful and complex too.

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Robotics has made its presence in most places, but there are numerous sectors where robotics did not set its foot. The field of robotics is expanding because a great number of people want to employ robots to save time and boost accuracy. To be honest, robotics will have a positive impact on humans and it will change the future of people. In the coming years, we will have the chance to see more robots everywhere including aerospace, ocean exploration, military, mining, and research.

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