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Scope and Job Options after M. Tech. in Machine Design

  1. Tech in Machine Design, a post-graduation course in machine design engineering focused on the learning of concepts and processes of machine design and manufacture. Students will learn machine design principles in addition to statistical concepts and mechanical properties of engineering materials required for designing mechanical elements. The programme also imparts knowledge of materials and system behaviour in various conditions and applications.

Students also can enhance practical knowledge on the subject that helps them to become industry-ready.

Career opportunities after M. Tech in Machine Design

Entrepreneurship: With a master’s degree in hand, you can opt to become an entrepreneur. If you have the required capital to start a business, then setting up a business will be easy for you. However, that is not the case always. Apparently, with an innovative idea and subject to execute, anyone can find investors for their start-ups or businesses. If you are passionate, dedicated and with a business mind, then you will be successful as an entrepreneur.

Teaching Profession: After completing post-graduation in machine design engineering, you can take up the teaching profession if it interests you. Teaching is a noble profession and it offers you complete job satisfaction if you have the right presentation and communication skills. You will not only get a chance to stay updated in your respective niche but also get an excellent opportunity to educate several future engineers. Thus, you can contribute to the greater good of society.

Other Jobs: Postgraduates in machine design engineering will get jobs in various sectors such as machine tool, automobile, mining, electronics, space exploration, and oil exploration industries. Companies working on these industries are looking for postgraduates in machine design engineering because they want to recruit subject matter professionals. Since postgraduates have a better technical grasp and clear thought process, companies are hiring postgraduates to increase their productivity and expertise in respective industries.

 Path to success with REVA University

In the past 7-10 years, there has been a huge demand for postgraduates in Machine Design. The best part of pursuing this course is that it offers in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge. The scope of Machine Design is applicable in most of the sectors and REVA University School of Mechanical Engineering has done an outstanding job with their unique curriculum and well-qualified faculty members. The course is designed specifically to meet the modern world requirements.

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