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Spreading our Wings, bringing about Jagruti….

DivyaSree as a company continues to spread its wings and gain recognition as it fetches laurels in Abu Dhabi this time as we received the Economic Times Best Realty Brand at the ET Conclave, 2018.  This stands testimony to what I always say, Together We Build and Create and Co-create!  At the same time, I have been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award, 2018 by Realty and my usual revert to this Award is, I am what I am because I have you as a team that I can bank on.  Having said that, I personally feel, I have a lot more to achieve and one amongst the many that I have listed is Jagruti-the movement on Voting Awareness which has been flagged off this November, 2018. I am confident that through you as a TEAM, we will ensure Jagruti brings about a change in Society.

To me Jagruti, is a contribution to social development.  When this thought triggered in my mind after the last Karnataka Elections; I was confident right from the very inception, that this movement can only be a student led movement.  And my intuition has been right!  It is overwhelming to see and read the statistics that we have reached out to more than 100000 homes and this indeed is a record to be achieved in 10 days time.  With this impact, I am sure our University is heading in the right direction. Kudos to the Staff and the Students of REVA!

How do we benefit from this movement?  As I see students come every day in their exclusively designed Jagruti T-Shirts; I see the spirit of oneness already in them as they board the buses and set out with their day to day plans.  As I visit the site and the village that they are headed to once a while as a surprise visit, I see the students, mingling amongst themselves, braving the heat and the dust, unaffected by the narrow lanes or streets, the dirt or grime, but approaching every home with a smile, gathering data and creating voting awareness.  I value the selfless motive behind the movement; as irrespective of political agendas or parties or governments, their single point agenda is to create an awareness amongst the people on voting rights and ensure that every member of the Constituency is registered.  As they gather for lunch at whichever place is identified for them, I see them working in teams and groups and creating a bond between them.  What better Management lessons can we give them in our classes, than them working together amongst themselves.  The sensitivity to the needs of people, the empathy for people who they meet with and react with, the identification that they build with the masses; is gratifying to me as the Chancellor.  I  dared to dream of education of a different type, education that would be for all and by all; and this spurs me on to take on many more socially engaging activities for REVA!

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