Steps to Follow :

While at study, student entrepreneurs may consider following steps to begin with:

1. Evaluate your business skills, knowledge and goals.

2. Find the business idea that suits you best.

3. Test the feasibility of the idea.

4. Make a stellar business plan.

5. Take help of a faculty mentor.

6. Create a schedule to manage your time effectively so that you can concentrate fully on incubating your idea.

7. Make use of College resources such as faculty guide, networking events, facility of incubation center etc.

8. Join startup platforms, competitions, awards and explore government grants. Some of the important forums for budding entrepreneurs include the National Entrepreneurship Network, Indus Entrepreneurs, Indian Angel Network, T Labs, Startup Village, Startup Centre, Tata First Dot, Bloomberg Pitch, Power of Ideas (IIM, DST) and YourStory.

Despite how exciting and fascinating it may seem to start a business, it is not as easy as it looks. And, planning to start a business while you’re still in college or just after passing out is, by far, a different ball game altogether.