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Taught V/S Applied Knowledge

As I presided over Abhinandan, 2019, the confluence of students who were placed this year from REVA at various prestigious Companies, it was overwhelming to inaugurate this new tradition at the University. Kudos to Dr Ramesh and his team of Placement members and faculty who worked meticulously and with focus on goals to ensure that we had the highest ever placements this season. Aptly termed “Abhinandan” the get together triggered another milestone in the young history of REVA. To me as the Leader, as the Chancellor of the University, this day was the most rewarding day; for personally I believe we have been successful in the student-learning at REVA if we have been successful in ensuring that our students have been given an entry into the Corporate World. This success has not only been with the most popular Engineering and Business programmes this year, but the team has been successful in ensuring that all streams right from Engineering to Humanities have been placed. An added advantage to this success has been the Curriculum offered at REVA which blends with industry requirement and aims at skill enhancement of the students. As I always say, that is our commitment to our parents who trust us and send their students to REVA and that is our final giving to our students who course their journey of learning with us at REVA.

As a University, the major contribution that we make in this student-learning journey towards the final phase of formal education of students, is to train them to become ready workforce to enter the industry. In this, curriculum plays an important role, coupled with pedagogy; for unless and until every faculty member understands the need for skill-based learning; curriculum would be done injustice to. And this is what I have been stressing on from the time of inception of the University. We need to as academicians understand the industry needs and requirement and ensure we navigate our students towards this. Backing this, would be the series of programmes that we organise as part of our Employment Enhancement Programmes which vary from training in specific skills to training for soft skills, mock interviews, personality development and other domain specific technical training. As a University we are looked up to as the training ground for “Industry readiness” and I am happy that we are there in the space as REVA University places the largest number of students in such a short span of 5 years.

Going forward, we must multiply the number of practitioners and industry experts who can come and teach our students. A balance between academia and industry experts is what we next need to focus on. Pedagogy must have more of classroom discussions and case studies and live projects from the industry should be emphasized on. Our move to focus on industry internships in the final year aggressively is the way forward. These early internships will now play a major role in not only ensuring that theoretical learning is grounded but this learning is backed by practical knowledge for our students.
I am happy that my faculty members are accepting these challenges as posed by the industry and ensuring that the curriculum is delivered effectively to match the needs of the industry.

I am confident that with the synergy between industry and academia at REVA, the day will not far too away when REVA workforce will be the most preferred workforce in the industry.

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