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Technology @ REVA!

With the evolution of technology in the World, educational capabilities are growing and changing every day. To every individual today, the Internet is a vast electronic library of information. The blessing is extended to Educators in particular for in today’s world, research and instruction can be made more interesting with Technology.  Our students are used to a digital world.  To the newgen student, the smartphone and technology pervade every aspect of his life.  The big question then is how do we make our education system sync with their world.  Information and lecture for a student with lengthy lectures can be easily achieved through a click of the mouse using the internet. What would then make it interesting for him to attend a lecture in class?

Evidently, with advances in technology, newer responsibilities have come to the instructor.  No longer will a lecture sustain the interest of the student in the classroom. As technology advances, an educator’s abilities will grow by leaps and bounds and without the knowledge of these changes and capabilities, a teacher has a good chance of being left behind.

I have always emphasized at REVA that a career in education requires hard work and dedication We cannot restrict ourselves as teachers to a 9 to 4 regime. Our learning has also got to improve in order to transfer knowledge to students. We need to stretch beyond our limits and stay well-informed of current changes in technology and this becomes imperative to every teacher.  The learning environment has to undergo a change, we need to ensure that as diligent educators, we need to encourage learning both on-campus and online.

At REVA, our classrooms and the campus as a whole is a hotbed of technological advances.  Right from Digital display boards to Smart classrooms to Business Labs to Tab based assessments to a completely equipped ERP in place, we have possibilities of all modes of learning and above all a wi-fi campus!   What we need today is a drive to make use of technology in hand and harness the power of technology in education and push students learning to new levels. This is where REVA Education makes a difference!

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