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June 15, 2018
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June 18, 2018

The 4 Key Traits of Leadership

What makes a good leader? What are those personality traits that trailblazers share? What comes to your mind when you think of a great leader? A successful business titan, coach, political figure, or a mentor who has a great influence on your life. Or one who is trustworthy, passionate, persuasive, focused, and able to drive results. In every sector, we have countless examples of victorious leaders who never fail to inspire us. It is quite easy to identify or recognize the quality of leadership in a person, but you cannot define it. But the good part is that with practice you can easily learn and implement these leadership traits that will make you stand out from the crowd. Let us discuss those four fundamental leadership traits that are demonstrated by successful leaders across the globe.


Leaders make decisions that affect the organization and the team members they lead. People follow those who do not fear while taking a decision which syncs with the objectives of the organization. Any good leader will consider the goals of an organization before taking any decision. However, a great leader might not have answers all the time and in such uncertain cases, he should be open to learning from others. He should reflect confidence and optimism while making challenging and bold decisions.


Due to the rapid change in the business world, leaders have to be versatile to new trends and landscapes and guide their team to follow the same. If you want to innovate your business model, you need to be courageous enough to take measured risks and move out of your comfort zone. In times of failure, you can always learn from your mistakes and grab that opportunity to improve.


One of the most important traits of a good leader is truthfulness where your team members will trust you even during the times of uncertainty. Whether it is a small corporation or an MNC, employees crave for complete openness and honesty. That’s how you can earn the trust of your team members and set examples for others to follow your lead. Exemplifying integrity can help you connect with your team members and clients. A positive environment of trust and openness can make the communication process easier while laying the foundation for continuous improvement.


Compassion and humility can get desired results. These qualities not only make you an effective leader but enable you to retain employees. One of the rarest attributes of a good leader, compassion shows that you know how to recognize the value of your team members. Treat people as they would like to be treated, rather than treating them your way. Learn to sympathize with your team when things do not go as planned and provide them with thoughtful feedback. Appreciate them for their good work and send personal notes – these small gestures can have a powerful impact on employees and boost their morale.

If you want to become a successful leader, you need to sharpen these four indispensable traits of decisiveness, innovation, trustworthiness, and compassion. A lifelong commitment is needed to master these fundamental qualities that can help you achieve professional success.

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