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June 18, 2018
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June 18, 2018

The Value of Professional Accountancy Qualifications

We all know that every business or company from your nearest local store to a multinational corporation needs an accountant. The role of an accountant not only revolves around ensuring compliance with the law but making strategic financial decisions are also part of their job responsibilities. With regulatory changes occurring in the financial, economic, and banking sectors, businesses face a hard time in keeping pace with the technology trends. Whether you are looking forward to pursuing a career in the public sector or private companies, a professional degree in accountancy should be your topmost priority. A successful career in accountancy paves the way for opportunities to work with established business and develop your knowledge. If you are in dilemma to pursue a professional course in accountancy, here are some reasons why professional accountancy qualification is worth your time and money.

  1. High demand for professional accountants – With more number of business ideas flooding the world in this technology-driven era, the demand for accountants has increased exponentially. Companies look for qualified accountants as cooperation between universities and accounting industries strengthens. The demand for skilled professional accountants is rising across all sectors and industries, in both the private and public sector.


  1. Employers prefer candidates with professional qualifications – Market surveys have confirmed that recruiters consider professional accountancy qualifications and relevant industry experience as their main criteria while hiring candidates. Employers seek job aspirants with professional skills and high standards, knowledge, and relevant experience in the field of accountancy.


  1. It comes with better career prospects – It does not stop at landing your first job and impressing the recruiter. Candidates with professional qualifications in accountancy enjoy a rewarding career progression. If you have a professional degree, you can hold senior positions as you advance your career. With professional accountants as senior managers or board of directors, it reflects the significance of their skillset, leadership qualities, values, governance, and finance management. Gaining a professional accountancy degree ensures a wide range of career options including audit, tax, and advisory positions. You can work with a specialist firm, in a multinational corporation or business conglomerateor as an in-house accountant.


  1. Professional qualifications are globally recognized – If you have a professional accountancy degree from a renowned institution, your resume gets shortlisted easily and you get recognition from top-notch companies. As technology is becoming powerful, organizations across the world are looking for professional accountants to ensure smooth functioning of their companies in terms of finance and governance. With this, you will have the opportunity to work in any business sector across the globe.


  1. A chance to gain comprehensive and specialized knowledge–A professional degree in accountancy provides you a holistic experience with knowledge in subjects such as marketing, information technology, law, and others. With proper coursework, assignments, research work, you can gain specialized and in-depth knowledge about accounting. The course includes technical knowledge covering financial management, audit, and taxation along with advanced techniques. The program also focuses on business ethics, professional values, and governance that are required to run a business.

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