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Things REVA University Students Should Know About Their University

College is indeed a shiny, fun experience for every student. As you become a part of your college/university, you learn new things and emerge out as an experienced individual after your graduation or post-graduation. Whether it is about a sprawling campus or a well-equipped classroom, there are so many things that students are aware of about their college. Colleges and universities put in their best efforts to welcome students during the orientation process and address their issues all through the college life, however, there are a few things we would want to reinforce so that you can make the most of your college/university life. Here are some essential things that every REVA student should know about its University.


Experience a perfect and inspiring environment at REVA University campus, which is spread over 45 acres of lush greenery. The University boasts of its state-of-the-art and modern infrastructure that facilitates a large number of services for the holistic development of students. Apart from its well-equipped classrooms, auditorium, laboratories, library, the University also takes pride in its Grand Staircase of Swami Vivekananda Block that was featured in Bentley’s 2017 Year Book.

Library/ Research Facilities

Located in the heart of the beautiful REVA University campus, the Library is dedicated to providing an extensive knowledge in various subjects with an aim to improve people’s lives through excellence in research, teaching, health care, economic development, and cultural enrichment. Students, faculty members, and staff of REVA University have access to quality information through its vast collection of books, e-books, 3000+ electronic journals, and research articles. The Central Library with a seating capacity of 800 plays a significant role in the University’s objective to upgrade the quality of life and strengthen the intellectual capacity of students.

International Relations

With an aim to provide an unparalleled opportunity to students in terms of studying and working abroad, REVA University collaborates with international universities across the globe. REVA International Centre offers a plethora of unique academic opportunities through industry-oriented courses and programs that cater to the ever-growing needs of the industry. Students can enroll for summer courses and short-term internship programs abroad and gain international experience while enhancing their chances of getting hired by top-notch companies.

Internships/ Industrial Placement

REVA University has a dedicated Training & Placement (T&P) Cell to provide extensive training before students appear for the placement process. The main aim of the Placement Cell is to motivate and guide students so that they can take an informed decision about their future career. With a focus on communication and interpersonal skills, leadership qualities, the training sessions also include technical training and one-on-one sessions with the industry experts and faculty members. The University also encourages students to enroll for internships to build up an effective resume while increasing the chances of getting employed by top companies.

Corporate Programs

For those who are interested in pursuing a rewarding career in Business and HR Analytics, REVA Academy for Corporate Excellence (RACE) offers one-of-a-kind executive courses that are designed by industry experts and professionals to cater to the growing needs of business leaders. With several industry-oriented programs taught by our stalwart mentors, you can gain in-depth knowledge and experience that will prepare you to tackle the challenging situations at work.

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