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December 4, 2018
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Things to Do In Between Classes

The hectic routine of a student enrolled for a full-time program in a University cannot be perfect. However, students usually find some time between classes during the week when they can make time and work on certain aligned tasks. Here is a list of things you can do when you are free and getting bored in between classes:


You promised yourself to take some time out and hit the gym. Well, this is when you must live up to that promise. Exercising in your free time is a great way to stay healthy. You can easily fit 30 minutes of your free time to indulge in some physical exercise.

Visit the library

If you enjoy reading and you do not get free time to finish your reading goals for the year, then the free time in between classes is when you can visit the library.


One must always have a sense of responsibility to give back to the community. Often Universities also have attached medical facilities or hospitals offering a wide variety of volunteer opportunities. There are also numerous other places where you can volunteer such as at the library, cafeteria, and many other tasks.

Eat well

Enjoying one’s meals for a student is a luxury because meals are usually gobbled up in a matter of minutes to keep pace with the hectic schedule. So, if you have some spare time, go and have a nice meal where you savor each bite and feel truly satiated.


Use your free time to work on your assignments so that you can get some free time later in the day. Concentrate on your coursework and finish your assignments in an organized manner. During your college hours, your classmates will also be around you and thus, you can ask for their help in case you have some doubt regarding any subject.

Freelancing work

Working during college enables students to build their professional skills, establish and grow a network and earn money for your expenses. You can speak to your counselor for suggestions or find freelancing projects online on various portals. The experience students gain through freelancing during college adds value to their resume and helps them significantly in their career choices later.

Power naps

Do you know that taking naps for approximately 20 minutes can be extremely good for your health and energy levels? Power napping can help you overcome the tiredness and assist you in staying active throughout the day. Do not worry about going back to your hostel to sleep well.

Students pursuing higher education are free to design their own schedule. However, enrolling for classes with a timetable that matches your routine is not always possible. Students get a lot of free time in between classes which you can brilliantly utilize to work on different things such as exercising, relishing a meal, napping and many other things.

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