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June 7, 2018
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June 18, 2018

Thoughts on Media literacy – Chancellor’s blog

It was indeed a heartfelt moment as the REVA Media Centre was inaugurated on the 4th of June, 2018.  Hosting Mr Hamsalekha as the guest of honour was all the more gratifying as we at REVA could not have thought of a better guest than him for the inaugural programme.

This was a long cherished dream of mine as I planned each stage of the making of the Media Centre, thus strengthening the Journalism programme as offered at REVA University.  I have always believed in offering a variety of disciplines to students to choose from when it comes to Higher Education.  Gone are the days when students had a pre-fixed notion of only Engineering and Medicine that can enable them build a career for themselves.  In today’s world along with Science and Technology, we are facing an acute shortage of manpower in the field of Humanities.  A student today wants a variety of courses, not everybody wants to become doctors and engineers.  They want to explore new fields of study and that is where I want REVA to give them a variety to choose from when it comes to building their dreams and careers. Creativity, talent in writing, freedom of expression is a must for the Young generation. REVA will give them a platform to choose from. In today’s world, apart from technology, MEDIA is the greatest influencer of society and this is where REVA will play an important role.   Media literacy will be the greatest change maker and we at REVA will support this change by offering the youth courses like these.

I believe that just as Labs and workshops are common for any educational set up that offers Engineering, studios and media centre like the REVA Media Centre is the heart of a programme like Mass Communication and Journalism.  Unfortunately, when offering Humanities  and especially Mass Communication and Journalism, we do not think of such facilities apart from well equipped classrooms for students.  As I always say, REVA is different by thinking differently for all those who enter the portals of REVA.  We do not want to offer the chalk and talk method for our students.  Students have to experience the real world, work in studios, interview people, learn what is a control room, face the camera and understand radio and TV, thus gaining hands on experience in their professional field of study.

Our media centre today  is established with:

  • A studio
  • Multimedia centre with editing options
  • Voice booth
  • Radio production Unit
  • Control room
  • Studio floor
  • Updated high end cameras which facilitate multi camera productions
  • TV production

With this, am sure, all student activities of the School of Humanities will be run and managed by students. Our faculty should be mere facilitators.  I am sure with a faculty team that is dedicated at REVA, our students will be exposed to Digital Newsletters, Content generation, Campus radio, Campus TV, Interviews of celebrities and many such activities.  I would like to see students engaged in Photo shoots, Documentary and short film production, Animation projects, Specialized Certification Programs, Graphics and Animation, Cinematography, Video editing, Anchoring as they go through the programmes in the new cycle to begin.

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