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December 4, 2018
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Three Tips to Get the Most Out of a Career Fair

Career fairs are an excellent opportunity for students pursuing higher education to gain knowledge about various career fields and even establish connections to grow their professional network. Attending a career fair is crucial to step up your job search game. Starting from reaching the career fair on time to getting an opportunity to augment your professional network, there are many advantages. Below are three important tips on how you get the most out of a career fair:


Representatives from various companies who set up their stalls at the career fair meet with students. Thus, if you wish to stand out among the crowd of students in thousands, you must do your homework well and gather information about these companies. Prepare unique questions that you want answers to. Do not ask questions for which the answers are present on the website already. Creating questions that are tailor-made will reflect your genuine interest to the company representative.

Another thing that picks representatives’ interest is a well-structured resume. Customize your resume for each company so that your profile will fit the job description. You have the option to customize the objective of your resume or align your skills and qualifications as per the job profile. With a resume that matches the company’s interests, you will stand out among others. Draft multiple resumes so that you can leave it with every representative you meet.


Dressing appropriately for a formal meeting is extremely important when you are visiting a career fair. You will be meeting up company representatives for the first time. Although the set-up at a career fair is different from a job interview, it is wise to dress up appropriately nevertheless. Your etiquettes are not just limited to the dressing part for the day. You are also required to interact with the representatives in a professional manner. Make sure your handshakes are firm and you maintain eye contact with the company representatives. Do not forget to collect the business cards of those you meet there so that you can stay in contact with them. Business cards are also helpful in getting the correct spelling of the names of the representative which you can use later in drafting a thank you mail to them.


Establishing yourself as a viable candidate at the job fair is a priority. Now it’s time to follow-up. Remember that you collected business cards of the people you met? Every business card will carry the person’s email id. Starting a communication immediately after the career fair will reflect your genuine interest in the company. Express gratitude to the company representative to connect with you. This is also a great chance to express why you are the right candidate for the company.

The most important thing that you should focus on in a career fair is to stand out among all the students gathered there. The above-mentioned tips can certainly enable you to leave a long-lasting impression on the company representatives.

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