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Tips for International Students at REVA University

Pursuing higher studies in another country may be exciting to you, but the idea of living in another part of the world leaving your home country can be daunting. For students who are coming to a new city or country, adapting to a new life is challenging. However, you have to overcome the stress and anxiety and take it as one of the most amazing experiences in your life. You should come out of your comfort zone while studying abroad at a university.

Tips for you to follow at REVA University as an international student:

Plan your budget

It is better to plan your budget to keep a check on your expenditure. The budget plan should include flight charges, accommodation, university fees, daily expenditure, and so on. To avoid money as your major stress factor, learn to save money and spend wisely. Stick to minimal spending and spend only on things you need. While you might want to collect souvenirs before leaving the city, you should save money to explore nearby places for creating beautiful memories.

Get involved in activities

Get involved in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities that help you to gain new experiences and skills. This also helps you in growing your professional and personal connections. Talk to your counselors or speak to your peers and get an idea about different student organisations and clubs that allow you to engage in various activities.

Research your academic majors

Even if you finalized a major to study, sometimes you might get confused with too many options. Start your research before filling in the applications, talk to your friends, family members, or senior students for some guidance regarding your interests, career aspirations, finances, and other factors. Research on various options and analyses your aptitude on each subject, you will get a clearer idea that on which subject you can excel.

Learn basic life skills

While it is difficult to manage daily chores like washing or cooking,you should try learning these skills before leaving your home country. Since you will be on your own for the next three or four years, you should learn how to wash clothes, cook well and manage your time efficiently.

Improve communication skills

You cannot escape from the presentations or seminars in college, so it is better to enhance your communication and presentation skills. Taking public speaking classes can help you in boosting confidence and developing interpersonal skills that will be beneficial during the campus recruitment process.

Make friends and have fun

Adjusting to a foreign country can be overwhelming because you feel like a foreigner in the new country, so give yourself some time to adapt. Never stay aloof from your surroundings, try to socialist with your batch mates, roommates and other people on your college campus. If you are facing troubles while interacting with others, join student organisations or clubs that share your interests.

When you join a foreign university, it is quite challenging to adjust because you are out of your comfort zone. With these above-mentioned simple tips, you can enjoy college life and a strong network of friends.

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