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September 12, 2018
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Tips to stay cool with your roommates

Moving away from home to a hostel can be an overwhelming experience for students but at the same time, living with roommates is an incredibly fun and a great learning experience. However, keeping things pleasant with your roommate is entirely in your hands as you must learn to overcome any unforeseen challenges in a matured and effective manner. To ensure a positive experience, follow the given tips to stay cool with your roommates:

Icebreakers are good

Yes, do not wait for your roommate to initiate a conversation with you, instead extend a hand of friendship to let them know that you look forward to a peaceful co-habitation with them.

Always discuss alarm clocks

It will be wise to compare the class schedule with your roommate and work around the alarm clocks to avoid or cause any disturbance. If you can sleep through loud music blaring through speakers, it is a great news, however, if you are a light sleeper, having a roommate who snoozes alarm multiple times might not be a great start.

Discussion on bathroom habits

In a shared toilet, if you leave your toiletries, it is bound to be shared by others which might become a cause for your frustration gradually. Therefore, have a discussion with your roommate to have dedicated shelves for each of your toiletries without having any anxiety related to this issue later on.

Headphones are very useful

Blasting great music from your laptop or phone to enjoy the music is certainly an excellent idea to have fun but because you have a roommate who might be wanting to read a book at the same time needs some further thought. The best thing to do in such a scenario is to use headphones.

Discuss your study habits

If you are nocturnal who feels more creative at night, then you must talk to your roommate about it. Your exam schedules are not going to be aligned and if one of you like to hit the sack early then the other needs to understand and respect this. While studying outside the room can be a pleasant change, you can also get a table lamp if you want to study in your corner of the room at night without disturbing your roommate.

Communication is the key

If there is something bugging you about your roommate’s certain habit, it is best to discuss it than leaving it to linger for an indefinite period. Passive aggressive behavior towards your roommate would not resolve the issue and therefore, the best resort is to be an adult about the situation and have a detailed discussion on the issue.

These are some of the tips which will certainly help you establish and continue a long-lasting relationship with your roommate. Living with someone new can be scary in the beginning but if you get to know each other well while also respecting each other’s privacy, you might get a friend for lifetime. Learn to be patient and resolve conflicts in a low-key manner and always remember that adjustment is the most crucial factor involved in a healthy and stable bonding with your roommate.

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