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May 25, 2018
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Tips to Stay Organized in College

Managing a college life can be hard sometimes when you have to juggle between lectures, assignments, extra-curricular activities, quizzes, exams, social activities, and placements. It is inevitable to get confused and lose track of deadlines and priorities. How you manage time and stay organized in college life can determine your future. From simple things to cleaning your room to organizing an event in college, you have to keep things in order to lead a successful professional life. The easiest solution is to plan ahead and follow the schedule. Try not to procrastinate your important tasks for leisure activities. Complete your tough assignment or task and then reward yourself to a fun time playing with your friends or watching a movie. Wondering how to do that? Here are some quick tips that you should inculcate to stay organized.

  1. Get a planner

If you get a planner, you can easily plan your work and meet your deadlines. Keep track of your assignments, college meetings, work schedule, social plans or pretty much everything. Get a small planner and mark the dates accordingly so that next time you won’t forget submitting an assignment. Make sure to carry that planner with you to class, meetings, so that you don’t miss marking an important date.

  1. Plan and prioritize your work

Now when you have the planner, plan ahead and schedule your tasks. The earlier you plan, the better you deliver. It is better to plan and study every day for 30 minutes instead of cramming the night before the exam. Finish off your most important tasks and ensure that you have allocated time for the bigger tasks.

  1. Keep track of syllabi

Prepare a consolidated folder that contains all the syllabus of different courses throughout the semester. This way, you can keep a track of what assignments, projects, quizzes, exams are due and even the readings or classroom discussions.

  1. Create a spreadsheet every semester

Gather all the syllabi of different subjects and compile all the major dates such as for tests, papers, quizzes, assignments in one large spreadsheet. To make things easier, divide the spreadsheet into sections for each month or course. This way you will keep a track of all the due dates.

  1. Use flashcards and color code

While studying for difficult courses, use flashcards to write important terms and topics on cards so that you can revise them every day. A bit of revision each day before the exam will help you understand and memorize the concept rather than cramming the night before the big day. If you use a color code to organize your work, it will help you fulfill your responsibilities in an efficient way. Assign each subject a different color and use that same color to add an assignment, reading to your calendar or list. This way, a quick glance at your calendar can help you assess what tasks are due and how you need to accomplish. 


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