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Together we build

A customary ritual at REVA is that of welcoming the new faculty who join REVA every year during the months of May and June. A lot of them come in with varied experience and years of stay at different organizations. Over the past years of academic experience, as the Chancellor I have realised that it takes new recruits a lot of time to adapt to a new culture, orient to the new philosophy of the set up that they are to be part of and at times despite all the support and handholding given by the HR, they are lost.  Some of them continue with old patterns and systems that they are accustomed to, some of them adapt, some of them choose to fall beyond the line.  Bringing together all new recruits to the same realm then becomes tedious a task and much energy gets wasted in this.

This year during my first session at the Orientation programme for Staff members, I deliberately took a different pitch at my brief address and presentation to the staff.  Starting from the legacy of REVA that has been carefully etched over a period of more than a decade to the current position that REVA is at.  I took them through the journey of REVA from inception to the present.  Most important of all, I stressed on the expectation setting from my end as the Spear leader as I strongly believe that matching expectations at this point of entry to the REVA family is a must with the new members.  Apart from that, I also felt it was necessary that I take them on a virtual tour of the campus through my presentation so that they are familiar with every nook and corner of the new home that they were entering into.  It was heartening to see the feedback as received by the faculty after the session and with this I felt, I had struck the right chord of harmony in the family, built a bond with them and transferred my vision and dream to all the faculty members; so that together we can strengthen the pillars of the REVA Temple of Learning!  I look forward to REVA Vista every year as I share this bonding time with the new faculty members and somewhere mid way track the progress made by each of them for in them I see my Vision of REVA being a success.

All the very best to the new family members at REVA!

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