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March 21, 2018
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Top 5 Online Tools & Apps Every Management Student Should Use

If you are an MBA student, you will very well know the burden of balancing your life among the heavy workload of classes, assignments, projects, conferences, internships and what not. Fortunately, several useful online tools and apps are available that will help organise your study and personal life as well as meet the unique needs of being an MBA student. Here, we have sorted through the vast sea of tools and apps to select the ones that can be most helpful for MBA students. These will help you to:


  • Track assignments
  • Manage different projects
  • Prepare and manage to-do lists
  • Connect with colleagues and teams
  • Schedule tasks and check their progress
  • Collaborate, share, and edit files/tasks in real-time


Check out the following list, and share it with your friends as well:


  1. Evernote: It is a cross-platform application that helps you to take notes, bookmark, clip, organize, and archive notes, online articles, photos and other documents. The app allows you to effortlessly organize, label and access loads of information by sorting notes that can be stacked according to theme and category tags. Also, you can search, share, and edit stuff on the go. The greatest benefits of Evernote to B-school students are taking and reviewing notes, storing large documents as well as studying anytime and anywhere.
  2. Trello: This is a collaboration tool that helps to efficiently organize projects by creating separate cards for various tasks that need to get done. Different tasks/cards can be assigned to every teammate, along with due dates, and organized them on the basis of
    • Which tasks are currently underway?
    • Who’s doing a particular task?
    • What’s the progress of each task and the team?
  3. Google Docs: It is an online word processor that allows you to create, edit and store text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Its greatest benefit to MBA students is that they can collaborate on group projects in real-time without being in the same room, city or even country.
  4. Google Keep: This is an outstanding note-taking app that features colour-coding and labels to help you track of all the things an MBA student needs to get done. This user-friendly app helps you create and keep track of tasks, notes, checklists, voice notes, photos, and reminders.
  5. LinkedIn: It’s a popular social networking website that helps you strengthen the professional network of trusted contacts. LinkedIn lets you showcase your qualifications, skills, and experience as well as connect with professionals who are currently working or have worked in organisations where you are interested in working after completing your MBA. Apart from getting jobs, LinkedIn also helps in connecting with people you meet with your class or at various events and conferences.

With the help of these online tools & apps, every management student will be able to excel in his studies and the quest for a successful professional career.

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