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March 25, 2018
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Top Career Opportunities in Engineering

World over, engineering graduates are in high demand owing to the latest developments in science and computing, technology, architecture, and other fields of engineering. We have listed out the top five engineering career opportunities of today and tomorrow. Getting an engineering degree from a recognized, reputed organization paves the way for a high-paying and challenging career. Some of the engineering fields such as computer engineering, civil engineering, and electronics and communications engineering are extremely lucrative and of paramount importance to the society.

  1. Civil Engineering

With an exponential increase in population and eventually our infrastructure requirements, constructing and maintaining roads, water supply, wastewater management, residential development in urban areas, are some of the vital areas of the civil sector. One of the oldest and highly paid engineering streams is never affected by the recession period as civil engineers work on repairing existing buildings, highways, roads, dams, and others.

  1. Computer Science Engineering

Self-driven cars, AI-based devices, smart homes and smart appliances – all these could not have been possible without software engineering and computer science engineering. The drastic rise in mobile technology and cloud computing has pushed the brands to step into the digital world and develop new applications. Software sector has evolved rapidly over the years with excellent career opportunities for engineering graduates.

  1. Electrical and Electronics Engineering

If you have an innovative and problem-solving mind and interested in learning about the design and development of electrical equipment and electronic devices, then you should consider pursuing a course in electrical and electronics engineering. Earning a degree in electrical engineering opens up diverse career paths with a foundation in mechanical and electrical engineering. Also, the demand for electrical engineers is quite high in the fields of power generation, telecommunication, computer & control systems, electronics, biomedical, aerospace and other allied areas.

  1. Electronics and Communications Engineering

The applications and systems that make our life easier including radio, television, computers, mobiles are designed and developed by electronics and communication engineers. Hence, there is a huge requirement for electronics and communication engineers in manufacturing industries and other areas including data communication, broadcasting, entertainment, consulting, R&D, etc. With the rapid, innovative inventions in technology, engineers can seek rewarding employment opportunities in firms that deal with the transfer of information through internet broadcasting and video conferencing.

  1. Mechanical Engineering

There is a surge in demand for skilled mechanical engineers in different types of manufacturing industries including aviation, automobiles, agriculture, pharmaceutical, etc. With the rise in technology, mechanical engineers are focusing towards new areas including nanotechnology, energy and environment conservation, thermal energy, and biomedical engineering. Considering the perennial growth in this industry, mechanical engineers are highest paid engineers compared to other engineering disciplines.

REVA University is widely known for its engineering degrees and placement opportunities. The University offers several UG and PG programs along with research courses focusing on the integrated learning and comprehensive education. The industry-oriented curriculum emphasizes all the core areas of engineering and prepares students for a lucrative career in various fields of Engineering and Technology. It is important that before creating a trajectory for four years about the type of engineering course, you should determine your skills, interests, and career goals.

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