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Top Career Opportunities in Law

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘law’? Do you conjure up those thrilling movie scenes showing intense courtroom battles, judges wearing robes and twigs, lawyers in black dresses arguing with other lawyers or defending their victims, or white-haired counsels writing wills? That’s right to some extent. A degree in law gives you a solid foundation and expertise with an added opportunity to work with top law professionals. As a demanding profession, the law has a profound impact on all our lives. The legal requirements begin with birth registration, school certificates, and stick through almost every major decision of life such as buying a house or any piece of land.

What are the career opportunities in law? There is a massive range of lawyers who practice in judicial courts such as district court, high court, and supreme court. Besides lawyers, judges, and barristers, there are ample career opportunities within this sector such as legal secretaries, legal journalists, human resource personnel, typists, paralegals, legal executives, solicitor advocates, and lecturers. With a wealth of options, careers in law can be stimulating and exciting. As a popular choice among students, careers in the legal sector are lucrative and rewarding. Let us discuss some diverse career options in law.

Judge – A judge presides over cases by reviewing legal briefs and analyzing evidence and arguments presented by the prosecution (in case of criminal law cases) and defense lawyers or between any two parties involved in a dispute. Judges also support and guide jury members while making them understand their responsibilities.

Patent Attorney – Patent attorneys are legal professionals specializing in patent law who assist inventors in the process of applying for patents from the government. Patent attorneys are also a part of the litigation process and take care of the intellectual property while keeping outside parties from infringement.

Compliance Attorney – Compliance attorneys are law specialists who ensure that all the employees and their companies comply with the legal and regulatory requirements that are applicable to their industry. The role also includes monitoring if a company is strictly implementing its own policies with respect to ethics, personal conduct, and risk reduction. Compliance attorneys aim to identify and solve problems before any business starts.

Real Estate Lawyer – Real estate lawyers specialize in a wide range of legal matters or activities that solely focus on leasing, sales, and acquisitions, land use, or any matter related to the property. The role involves preparing and reviewing legal documents that are related to real estates such as title documents, mortgage documents, transfer documents, and purchase documents.

Solicitor – The role of a solicitor is to provide legal services to people or institution on different law issues including commercial, civil, and criminal law issues. Commercial solicitors focus exclusively on legal matters that include employment, property, transport, finance, and all sorts of commercial matters whereas non-commercial solicitors provide legal advice on criminal litigation, family law, personal injury, and matters that are out of business domain.

Legal Executive – Employed by public sector organizations, law firms, and private commercial enterprises, a legal executive’s job roles are same as of solicitors. Additionally, they represent and interact with clients, attend court proceedings, and prepare legal documentation.

Entrepreneur – For those who want to build their own business, education in law can prove beneficial in future. Problem-solving and critical thinking are important skills required for both lawyers and entrepreneurs. The curriculum includes modules on labor and industrial law, corporate taxation, that is applicable to entrepreneurial trade.

School of Legal Studies, REVA University offers graduate programs and one-year postgraduate program with an aim to prepare law aspirants to excel in the legal sector by providing them with a solid foundation of legal knowledge. The School offers B.A., LL B (Hons.) and BBA., LL B (Hons.) of five-year (10 semesters) duration and undertakes consultancy projects. Equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and fully-functional library, the School also organizes moot courts, counseling cell, legal seminars, and workshops for which practicing lawyers and legal luminaries are invited to facilitate practical exposure on current trends in the legal industry.

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