Career Opportunities after MBA
June 7, 2019
June 10, 2019

Unconventional Career Choices

Engineering, medical, business management and law are some of the most popular career options that students opt for in India for their graduation in some of these similar fields. However, with so many attractive sectors available now, one can find incredibly satisfying career opportunities including animation, tourism, creative writing, cloud computing and more. With these regular jobs comes the monotony of a 9 to 5 job sitting in front of a computer in a cubicle or just attending meetings one after the other. In this modern world, you should be aware of this wide range of alternative careers that are there to choose from other than the regular jobs which are opted by the majority of students. Some of these are being listed below:


With an aim to depict emotions through movements, a choreographer creates captivating dance styles and instruct dancers and actors on how to deliver performances. As a choreographer, you can plan and craft various forms of dance routines including classical, ethnic, modern, jazz and more. Other than exceptional dancing abilities, choreographers need the patience to train others and communication skills to ensure their message is conveyed through dance movements.

Event Planner/ Coordinator

If you like planning and organizing events, then you should consider a career in event planning and coordination. Right from the initial stage of selecting venues to overseeing event activities on the final day, an event planner is responsible for the successful execution of the event. Whether it is a corporate event, seminars, conventions or charity events, the main responsibility of an event planner includes identify the needs of their clients and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Content Writing

Do you enjoy writing? Got an eye for detail? Can you create engaging and relevant content? A content writer is responsible for conducting research, generating unique ideas, creating content and proofreading articles. They prepare well-structured blogs, social media content, newsletters, website content and others using Content Management Systems (CMS) and other tools. Content writers should have exceptional writing skills and impeccable grammar with a clear understanding of the industry and clients.

Social Media Manager

Millennials are well-versed with various social media platforms and can use their skills to grow their following base, launch campaigns and engage their audience. This has proved immensely beneficial for businesses in reaching a wider audience. With courses available in digital marketing and advertising, you can move on to multi-channel marketing efforts and step up on the ladder of success. Media and advertising agencies also provide a flexible schedule for this job role whether you want to work as a freelancer or for a full-time opportunity.

There are many unusual and interesting careers that can be a match with your interests and personality. Healthcare, beauty, design, sports, culinary arts and so many other varied job opportunities have come up in recent years. There is no compulsion to pursue an ordinary job when you can choose one from the above than settling for something which would want you to take a break.

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