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What Is The Scope of MBA In Finance In Future

MBA in Finance: A Lucrative Career Option

Do you have flairfor numbers, like to do number crunching and possess a goodanalytical ability? If yes, then you could be the right candidate topursue a career in finance. As such you may be interested to find outcareer opportunities after MBA in Finance. This blog will give you anoverview of the growth prospects and job/career opportunities afterMBA in Finance. Additionally, it will also touch upon skillsrequired, salary packages offered etc. in this stream. Financeis one of the most popular choices of specialization in a two yearsMBA program. Every year a lot of students look forward to make theircareer in this stream. The reason behind such a strong interest inthis stream is the lucrative career options that this specializationoffers both in terms of hefty salary packages as well as jobprofiles. Aspirants ofMBA-Finance get to study subjects such as Financial Services,Products and Markets, Investment Management, Financial StatementAnalysis, Financial Planning and Wealth Management, Project &Infrastructure Finance, Derivates and Risk Management, BusinessAnalysis and Valuation, Corporate Banking and Credit Appraisal,International Financial Management, Mergers, Acquisitions andCorporate Re-structuring, Retail Banking and Financial Inclusion anda host of other subjects. Upon completion ofthe course students will be able to understand companies through itsfinancial statements and apply the appropriate and relevant financialstatement analysis tools from the investors’ perspective.Student will be able to understand and integrate financial data andnon-financial data interact to forecast events, optimize operations,and determine strategy. They will be able to use financialinformation for business analysis and manage return on investment. Ingeneral, students will be able to understand planningand controlling of the financial resources of a company in specificand overall industry at large. In addition to Finance relatedsubjects students are also exposed to finer aspects of other important subjects such as Marketing, HR, Economics,Business Communication, Strategy, Research Methodology etc. duringfirst year of the program.

Students from any stream of graduation can pursue MBA in Finance. However some background in Commerce is likely to give you an upper edge.

What has led tothe demand for finance professionals?

Management of financial resources has been at the epicenter of any business activity since ages. However after industrial revolution and thesubsequent development of modern business corporations many industries were set up worldwide. This could not have been possible without mobilizing adequate capital to establish an industry and managing financial resources efficiently.

Growth in Banking and Insurance Industries, rising Financial Audit and Consulting Firms, global Mergers and Acquisitions etc. are also some of thereasons that have led to a huge demand of well trained and skilled finance professionals. Post global financial crisis a few years ago,all companies operating across the globe are demanding highly skilled financial analysts for controlling the financial sector and boosting global economy.

Therefore, aspiring managers having completed MBA in Finance are in great demand across the world.

Areas of Job Opportunities

There are vistas of opportunities available for prospective managers after MBA in Finance. The area offers exciting careers in both public and private sector companies in banking and financial services, consulting,insurance and risk assessment, asset management etc. The Finance Specialization is designed to provide students exposure to following broad verticals in this field. These include i) Corporate Finance ii)Financial Institutions iii) Investments iv) Insurance v) PersonalFinancial Planning. After completion of the course students can opt for working in following areas:

  • Retail and Investment Banking

  • Security Analysis and Investment Portfolio Management

  • Business Finance

  • Commercial Banking

  • International Finance

  • Reinsurance

  • Credit Management

  • Underwriting

  • Personal Financial Planning covering portfolio in the areas of Investment, Insurance, Tax and Retirement.

  • Research and Teaching

Professionals gaining expertise in this area can even be invited to serve on government committees and contribute significantly to policy making issues. Additionally, Finance professionals can also consider providing independent consultancy services to corporate and government organizations.



  • Goldman Sachs

  • Morgan Stanley

  • Merrill Lynch

  • Bain & Co

  • Boston Consulting Group

  • Lehman Brothers

  • JP Morgan

  • Barclays

  • Deutsche Bank

  • McKinsey

  • Deloitte

  • Citibank

  • HSBC

  • Accenture

  • A. T. Kearney Ltd.

Potential Salary Packages

It is commonlybelieved that managers having MBA in Finance are among the top paidprofessionals across the globe. They are much sought after by thecompanies during campus placements. Every year at the time of finalplacements in good colleges, students from this area ofspecialization are easily able to attract upper-end packages in therange of INR 10 Lakhs and above in Indian context. Experts in thisarea after gaining sufficient experience are the highly paid set ofworking professionals by the industry. Global Strategy and Consultingfirms recruit finance professionals at very high salary packages andoffer advance positions in the organization. According to global datafrom in February 2016, most graduates with an MBA inFinance who worked as finance managers earned between $70,850 and$122,088 annually at that time. Asper the internet sources, “Companies like Johnson &Johnson, AT&T, Amazon, Intel and Microsoft offer internshipopportunities specifically designed for aspiring financial managersand analysts. These work-study opportunities often count as academiccredit”. Statistics collected from the internet further suggesta competitive growth rate for finance professionals. It adds thataccording to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), financialmanagers can expect moderate to faster-than-average growth of 12%from 2014-2024, along with serious competition for availablepositions. Depending on the specialization, the BLS anticipated anincrease in jobs of 7%-16% for financial professions between 2014-2024.

In the end it can be said that every MBA aspirant wants to get a goodrate of return on investment after completing their course. A Masterof Business Administration in Finance prepares graduates for careersin mid-level and senior management, with above-average salarypotential. Job options range from analytical to executive roles.Moreover, Finance is a core management function in any organizationresponsible for driving the business forward. It is therefore of keyimportance to the overall growth of the business entity. Withincreasing growth rate of jobs in this area more and more companiesare looking forward to recruit best talent in the area of Finance. Asa result of high growth rate in financial jobs and good careerprospects, MBA in Finance can well be your dream career.

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