When it comes to B Tech programs, the obvious choice for you would be the top five disciplines considered as ‘traditional’ and ‘evergreen’ – Civil, Mechanical, Computer Science, Electrical, Electronics and Information. Due to the growing demands of today’s business landscape, there are also many niche programs like Bio Technology, Aeronautical etc offered by many engineering colleges. Now, the answer to the most asked question, ‘What Engineering Branch to choose once I finish by higher secondary?” is not that simple. Choosing the right branch needs a thorough research, self analysis and little bit of guiding. Even selecting the right college can be tricky as many educational institutions offer several B. Tech Programs across the country. A complete search is most advisable.

We recommend that the search for the answer should start early. Even before your 12th board exam appearance you should have decided upon the course and the branch if B. Tech is what your ambition is. You should search honestly and understand what kind of career path the chosen B Tech programs will lead into the future. For instance, if you have chosen B Tech Civil, you should have basic liking toward designing and building dams, roads, airports, houses, commercial places etc, besides understanding that the job of Civil Engineer could be tough and demanding at times. Similarly if you have chosen B Tech Computer Science, you ought to comprehend that though there are ample opportunities in the IT and ITeS Sector with good pay packages right from the beginning, the landscape is very competitive and challenging.

Ideally, your interest should play a large role in selecting the right branch for your B Tech Program; however, you can also consider advices from good people who have the required knowledge in this field. Many people blindly follow their fellow student’s choices and end up disappointing, hence, go by your interest and instincts, take the guidance from good experts, do some research and choose the branch which you find the best, based only on your preferences and needs.

Remember all engineering disciplines are equally good. What matters is your ability to judge your interest and aptitude for a particular engineering stream, and how you are able to make the most out of it.