Know the opportunities that B. Tech. in Computer Science Engineering offers
March 22, 2018
What are the opportunities for B Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering?
March 22, 2018

Why Executive MBA is fast catching up in India

Executive MBA programmes undoubtedly are surging in India. These courses have gained momentum recently, enabling several universities and educational institutes across the country offer them as part their of main stream programmes. The candidates who enroll for Executive MBA programmes in India are typically working professionals either at the midlevel or senior levels, with or without an engineering background but most certainly without a formal management qualification. By enrolling for Executive MBA programmes, they seek to bridge the gap between their current and desired skills in order to play a significant role in management or shit their career path.

Further, today’s work place is so demanding and competitive, and to excel and grow, an Executive MBA is slowly turning to be a must. In India, from IIM to ISB and to Top Universities offer Executive MBA programs. The programme course duration ranges between 12 months to 18 months depending upon the course and educational’ institute you choose.

REVA University‘s Executive MBA programs are quite popular. Offered as a One year program, it is designed to fast track your career and transform fast rising executives to powerful leaders with global perspectives. Based on innovation, leadership and research this course molds your thinking process and decision making skills to bring strategic perspective to your organization. The course incorporates latest trends in research, techniques and tools in management education using experiential pedagogy. REVA University offers the following specializations while adopting for an Executive MBA Program.

  • E-MBA in General Management
  • E-MBA in Entrepreneurship and Family Business Management
  • E-MBA in Retail
  • E-MBA in Media & Entertainment
  • E-MBA in Healthcare Management
  • E-MBA in Hospitality Management
  • MBA program offers a mix of offline (contact) and online classes on weekends

E-MBA program at REVA University offers a mix of offline (contact) and online classes on weekends.

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