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Why Internship Experience is Important

“You need the experience to get experience.” Every college student must have heard this phrase especially when they are kickstarting their career. It holds true when you are looking to get your first start in the corporate world. Experiential learning opportunities are important, and you can get it through internships. It not only gives students the opportunity to develop skills early on in college life but also helps them explore their talent. The kind of practical experience you gain from internships, carries major significance while entering the job market. Here are some compelling reasons why internship experience is important for your career.

  1. Provides real-world experience and exposure

An internship will give you first-hand exposure and experience of working in the real world. You gain theoretical knowledge from lectures, but how to implement and apply that knowledge comes from harnessing the skills during your internship. It trains young professionals about the working mechanism of a specific industry they are interested in, thus, providing a niche learning curve and proper training to understand the real world.

  1. Opportunity to learn about yourself

Our work experiences and how we find solutions to problems shape us. Internships promote personal development by enabling the process of understanding oneself. During an internship, you set specific goals and try your best to achieve them while getting out of your comfort zone. It is also a convenient way to discover your interest and decide whether you wish to continue with the same choice of career or experiment with something else.

  1. Develop your professional network

Internships build professional connections that can help you advance your career. If you partake in an internship, you can establish deeper relationships with company professionals that will surely benefit you in shaping your career. You never know when these professional contacts come in handy for you. Growing your professional network is essential to flourishing in your chosen career.

  1. Add value to your resume

Your resume is an extension of your achievements, accolades, strengths, technical skills, and how you want your recruiters to know you. Employers are keen to see the internship column on your resume to gauge your skills required for the job. To secure a job interview, you have to go for internships that are the ideal way to enhance your professional profile. Hiring managers look for relevant experience and when they see you have completed a summer internship for 3-6 months, they get convinced of your skills and experience.

  1. Transition into a full-time position

While working as an intern, you get the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills, talent, commitment to work, how you meet your goals within deadlines and add value to the organization. Your internship boss might get impressed with your work and hire you as a full-time employee. Since employers invest their time and money to train you for a longer duration, they get inclined towards hiring you, thus, giving you an opportunity for a transition into a full-time position.

Considering these points, an internship is significant to build a successful career. A relevant internship provides great experiential learning opportunities for students where they get a chance to apply the theoretical concepts in a practical manner.

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