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September 19, 2018
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Why is the College Library the Most Valuable Campus Resource?

In this technology-driven era, the internet has replaced books and online learning programs have taken over the traditional classroom environment. However, it is impossible to replace libraries and their impact on the learning process of students. Not only are they the center of any university campus, but also a rich source of information. Like a teacher, they are the nucleus of a university. While a student with a laptop and internet connection who attends lectures might be able to graduate but making use of the library and other resources such as Information Center (ICT) can help make the academic journey far more result-oriented and successful. According to a study, students who visit college library frequently are more likely to achieve academic success during their years of study than their peers who do not visit the library. Below are the reasons why students go visit a college library and how it can help them achieve their career goals.

It is an inspiring study space

Libraries are considered as, “a safe harbor from everyday distractions”. While you may get distracted at home or in a coffee shop, libraries provide you with a productive and inspiring space to study. You can simply switch off your phones which are the biggest distractions and make use of library equipment. You can focus on your assignment or reading by unplugging entirely from social media platforms.

Use online databases

Other than books and journals, you can also use online databases to facilitate your research work. With an internet access and a university e-mail account and password, you can access the vast college database from your own laptop if the library is closed.

Make use of reference materials

Whether you need access to any encyclopedia or specificpublications such as indexes or bibliographies, or any other references, you can visit the library and access these non-circulating materials that are not available in electronic formats.

Make use of technology

College libraries usually have the latest technology resources from the Information Center (ICT) to computers and 3D printers. If you have to work on a project and your internet is down, you can always visit the library and access the enhanced technology.

Meet your study groups

Whether a closed reading room or spacious discussion rooms, it is always convenient to access your college library for working on group projects and make use of reference and scholarly materials. The library is also a popular spot for students to conduct meetings and discuss the details of their projects.

The college library offers unlimited benefits beyond the five discussed above. Whether it is about accessing specialized publications or making use of online databases, a library is an important hub of college life. From checking out books to conducting your research, from finding a quiet place to read to flipping a magazine, your college library represents a great wealth of resources.

Located in the heart of REVA University campus, the Library houses 100,000 books both in print and e-book format across many disciplines along with 3000+ electronic journal titles. With an aim to facilitate dissemination of knowledge, the wi-fi enabled Library with a seating capacity of 800+ provides an ideal learning and research environment for students. The Information Center (ICT) Block located within the library premises, has around 150 computers with broadband facility with an aim to inspire students to research, explore, collaborate and create using print and digital content.

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