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March 22, 2018
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March 22, 2018

Why MBA is the graduate degree of choice

The MBA remains the graduate degree of choice in India and its popularity continues to grow. Unlike in the western countries, the MBA in India attracts a far greater level of interest from fresh graduates than from working or seasoned professionals. It is seen as the best way to advance job prospects right from the beginning of a person’s career, and hence it is no surprise to see students within the age range of 21-24 show high interest. The course can only be offered by recognized Universities in India as a full-time / part-time course with a maximum duration of 2 years. There are several branches and the top include.

  • MBA in Finance
  • MBA in HR
  • MBA in Marketing
  • MBA in Business Analytics

The most popular destinations to pursue MBA in India include New Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai, with Bangalore a preferred destination for international students. Even for the resident Indian student’s when it comes to choosing management colleges, Bangalore’s salubrious climate, cosmopolitan society, well-connected infrastructure and affordable staying are influencing their decision to study MBA in Bangalore. Perhaps, this is the reason that many top MBA colleges in India are located in and around Bangalore.

With so many choices surrounded, selecting the best B School in Bangalore purely lies in the hands of the candidates. A thorough check on the Management Business School’s reputation, faculty members experience and credentials, integrated curriculum, on campus facilities, placement track records and other academic infrastructure would help greatly.

We would like to make your job simple, when you are looking for the best college for MBA in Bangalore. REVA University, the other name for excellence has been a unilateral choice by many students both in India and International for many years. The university has the vision to nurture future business leaders, entrepreneurs, and researchers who are going to be the best minds and role models in the industry and society.

Further, REVA University is putting its best efforts to work towards the holistic development of its students imparting rich knowledge in the management discipline through the required skills and imbibing ethics and values. Students choosing MBA programs in REVA University will benefit from a contemporary curriculum, teaching and learning environment with cases drawn from Harvard and Ivey league etc., exposure to the best industry drawn guest faculty, vast infrastructure and the experienced teachers’ involvement and guidance.

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