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Every September, we celebrate Teachers’ Day with much love and respect for our academicians, and this year too, I am happy I will be meeting all the members of the teaching fraternity in person, and interacting with them about our journey in the last academic year, and our vision for the next year.

As we take out time to review and reflect upon our growth, I want to remind all the faculty, going forward, we should have a robust action plan to engage and educate our student community. 
In the last 18 months, computer screens have become the new blackboards and to hold the attention of our students in traditional set ups for full day may get daunting. Also, in this Digital Era, our students’ expectation from teachers differ, just as educators our expectations from students differ. The challenges of such an age is diverse for distractions are many. 
We must remember students have a variety of lifestyle choices, but when it comes to selection of teachers, the choices are limited while the selection of courses is varied.

In such an age of changing times, it is important that: 

  • Teachers upgrade their teaching skills to make learning engaging and interactive 
  • Internet is replacing textbooks. Make use of technology to enhance learning 
  • Teachers upgrade their knowledge to match the knowledge of students 
  • Teachers employ various tools of teaching in the classroom to sustain the interest of the students
  • Digital age calls for teachers to ensure they are digitally secure
  • Students participate and engage in various constructive discussions in the classroom and not sit as mute spectators

We are the torch bearers for the youth and we have to be role models to them. We must lead them by practice and they will follow. Let’s enjoy our role as mentors, guides, and educators. 

While we lead with examples, REVA University has committed to protect nature and contribute to increase the green cover, and I wish to see more faculty members inspire our students with this initiative too. 

Last month, on August 15, REVA University launched ‘REVA Vanamahotsava’, a ground-breaking mission to plant 15,000 saplings across India. The 16 Schools at REVA with the help of students and mentors will carry forward the mission. I am delighted to inform so far, volunteers of NSS Unit have planted more than 2,500 saplings across Mitiganahalli Lake, Sathnur, and Chikkaballapur district in the last 15 days. 

Green cover in India’s total land area is less than 25% and India is on an ambitious plan to increase this to 33% within the next decade. I am happy REVA University has committed to contribute to this mission, and we will play a significant role in reducing carbon footprints and reducing global warming. 

By August, 2022, REVA University will plant 15,000 saplings and even award the best grown tree to inspire students. 

The faculty are doing a commendable job with activities to increase green cover, and I wish to see more students inspired to protect nature.