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Educating the masses is a promise made towards a bright future and through the E-Akshara initiative for Community Schools, it looks like there is hope for change. Education is the stepping-stone to a progressive community with equal opportunities provided for all sections of society to thrive, leading to a developed nation with empowered citizens. The accessibility of the programme will cover students from Standard 3 to Standard 10 with 15 hours of study including assignments and assessments at the end of each topic to sharpen skills that they have learnt. The portal is inclusive of study materials required for certification and CD’s will be allotted to various Community Schools in the neighbourhood.

Through E-Akshara, the main objectives it would like to achieve are to nurture and train young minds with experiential and remote learning through Information and Communication Technology. Focus on project based learning at an early stage to understand the importance of practicality that will work around the NEP 2020 for better results in schools. Due to the unforeseen situation caused by the pandemic, most schools do not have the ability to facilitate learning through digital platforms and hence E-Akshara would extend sufficient support towards community government schools with digital content. There are ample opportunities that are available at present and children need the confidence to take a leap forward. In order to boost confidence, E-Akshara will impart knowledge that allows them to engage with technology, general knowledge, Science, human rights, Arts, creativity, finance and management.

On one hand, school is a major part of development. On the other hand, giving exposure to extra curricular activities that go beyond the regular curriculum is equally important. Moulding children to think out of the box and find innovative solutions will push them to open up their own boundaries and discover their potential as individuals. Students also get a feel of the competitive real world environment through multiple-choice questions and other assessments that need reflection for wholesome growth and learning. As education is the basic right of every citizen, E-Akshara will be available to all with zero costs included. 

There are 12 different courses for the overall development of students that are offered. With language barriers in mind, the content is curated in English along with the local language – Kannada. To make learning more engaging and exciting, graphics have been linked to the audio system for easy comprehension.  Listed below are the different courses available from broad ranges of study- 

1. Know Your Rights: Fundamentals of Law
2. Electronics and Communication for Digital Education 
3. Environmental Science 
4. Science in Everyday Life
5. Basic English and Grammar
6. Understanding Microsoft Packages with Hands on Experiments
7. Art for Young Artists: Colour Theory and Painting 
8. Sources of Electrical Energy and its Applications 
9. Financial Literacy and the Importance of Saving 
10. Introduction to Mechanical Designs and its Applications
11. Fundamentals of Computers and Digital Literacy 
12. Innovation and Entrepreneurship 

Social skills along with facilitated quality learning among students of different ages and groups will create a more conscious community. Taking the right decisions after attaining knowledge is the secret of making a difference to the world. Education improves personal lives and aids in the smooth functioning of society thereby inculcating in individuals the sense of responsibility to be better citizens for a better tomorrow. The deficit of resources prior to this was a hindrance to the evolution of humanity that is currently finding ways to break out from the shackles of injustice.