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Are you considerate about our ecosystem? Are you willing to preserve natural resources for the generations to come? Do you want to improve the quality of life? If yes, sustainability is your answer. Sustainability matters because we are all part of a world where we are interdependent and if life has to continue, individuals will have to make a conscious effort to change their lifestyle for a future that is promising.  In the recent past, students have been considering Universities that are sustainable and environmental friendly. Students are becoming highly aware of the climate crisis and the need to act fast. REVA University is striving to lead by example as a University that plays a major role in training the future generations to make a change wherever possible through sustainability and environmental initiatives.

REVA University aims to inspire students to take conscious actions that support and promote the initiatives taken by the University to minimise the utilisation of natural resources and maximise the use of resources readily available, thereby creating a community that is environmentally inclusive. Students have evolved to understand that their behaviour has major consequences on the environment, thus choosing a University that aligns with their beliefs. REVA University has several water treatment plants across the campus to purify contaminated substances and recycles them for later use. This method is used to hasten the natural processes through which water is purified and then used for several purposes across the campus. As scientists are proving that water depletion is one of the biggest threats to our future, REVA is making sure to recycle and reuse every drop that can be treated. 

Adding to this, the University has 250 rainwater harvesting pits to collect and store rainwater. Rainwater harvesting is the best way to conserve water rather than allowing it to run off which can be used to revitalise ground water and improves its quality. This eco-friendly technique has proven to be a boon to save and restore water that would otherwise go to waste. Rainwater harvesting is a traditional method and currently it has come to the limelight with more individuals practicing this method of conservation even in the cities. Along with this, recycling plants have been installed around the campus to collect and sort out recyclable waste to break them down to raw materials and turn them into new products. REVA University through these efforts hopes to instill in the students a sense of responsibility, which will be carried forward in their personal lives too. Taking baby steps towards a sustainable future leads to great changes with individuals making small differences that amount to big and better outcomes.

Energy conservation has been the basis of our vision towards a sustainable future with proper electricity management through out the campus. Going digital and saving paper is another initiative that the University has worked towards over the years to take active participation in the sustainability movement. Our campus offers organic and local food that is produced in and around the city. REVA also encourages car-pooling and public transport amongst students and teachers to manage transportation demands. Solid waste management where wet waste gets converted to manure is used across the open green spaces through the campus. REVA University is striving to be a self-sufficient University through these programmes with the help of students and faculties alike. 

The campus has 45 acres of lush green land where students and teachers enjoy the beauty and bounty of nature. Greenery helps in better concentration and reduces stress and anxiety, boosting productivity. Moreover, the greenery reduces noise pollution and promotes bio-diversity in the area, leading to a healthy environment for all. Thanks to this beautiful 45 acres of land, the air quality around the University has improved and has had a positive influence in the wellbeing of staff and students. At REVA, we aim to strike a balance between the urban and rural to contribute to a society that cares about the future. 

Owing to the green campus and the University’s mission towards a clean and sustainable future, REVA University bagged the third prize in the ‘Clean and Smart Campus Awards 2020’ conferred by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) in New Delhi. The University is proud to be the only University in Karnataka to win the prestigious award at national level. Dr. P. Shyama Raju commented on the award won saying, “The Clean and Smart Campus award reaffirms that our efforts are being laid in the right direction towards conservation of nature. Every initiative at REVA is aimed to lessen the burden on the environment and protect nature.”  

In conclusion, it is important to note that decreasing carbon footprint and increasing sustainable initiatives is not the only end goal. By nurturing a community of students and staff who are well aware of their contributions towards a green and clean future is of top most priority. Inculcating values of right disposal of waste, energy conservation, recycling habits, changing small daily lifestyle behaviours and making a conscious effort to implement these in our everyday activities is the difference we are trying to make as a University that has a vision for a sustainable tomorrow. 

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” – Robert Swan

So let’s act now, let’s make a change, one step at a time.