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“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.” 

At REVA University we are staunch believers in not just discovering academics but discovering our true selves and the potential within us. A significant portion of learning lies in the person who is responsible for imparting knowledge while encouraging, inspiring and engaging students. A good teacher can change and shape an individual’s life for the better. Teaching goes beyond being an expert at your field, it is more to do with the attitude towards the process of learning and enjoying the journey. The impact that faculty have on academic achievements dominates all other factors such as learning equipment, number of students in a class, extra curricular activities and the course syllabus. 

REVA University is a melting pot for eminent faculty with vast industry experience who are highly qualified and committed to their cause, directing students to paths that suit them best. Faculty from well known institutions like IIT and NIT have been a part of REVA’s vision for education for several years, moulding students to become leaders of tomorrow. At present, we see a globalised interconnected world and at REVA we have taken a step towards exposing our students to various schools of thought from teachers who have been mentoring in universities abroad that acts as a bonus for students to gain varied insights. 

The cherry on top of the cake is not only faculties that are well versed in their field of expertise, but the fact that they are willing to go an extra mile to make the students feel seen and heard to push them to become the best version of themselves. While education is the major focus, faculty’s aim for overall student development to grow into responsible citizens of the world to pave brighter paths for a future filled with hope. Every department at REVA has faculty who have been felicitated with several awards and recognitions, making them the best mentor for students through their years of experience in the industry they belong to.

Faculty development programmes are constantly being held to align coaching with latest trends in the industry. Teachers share and inculcate values that are required in the real world for a lifelong love for learning and discovery. Faculties are well trained in areas such as classroom presence, the ability to listen and communicate well, persuade students towards their passion that motivates students to shine brighter than ever. Collaborating with students and bridging the gaps of knowledge, making it a two way-learning street is the best of what our students take home. An open minded attitude to adjust and adapt to upcoming technology which keeps teachers and students up to date with trends across the globe is another factor that we take pride in.  

Outside the walls of education, mutual respect and a sense of belonging in the classroom are the basics that our faculty strives to attain. Having a supportive, wholesome and collaborative classroom environment nurture both teachers and students alike. Academic integrity can be achieved with constant assessment of teachers and students to achieve results that are required. Building a community to help each other grow with beliefs that are aligned is how we are different and make a difference. Classroom management and evaluation with the help of tools to increase cognitive and creative development is a core concept we touch upon at REVA.

At REVA University we inspire collaborative research between students and teachers for the construction of knowledge and disciplinary thinking. Open discussions and hearing opinions of others are encouraged to promote a healthy and diverse atmosphere in class that gives rise to fairness and equality of opportunities. Evidence based learning is practiced so that we are in tune with the real world challenges where quick problem solving is a skill to be honed in order to tackle the problems we face today. REVA values feedback from students to improve the dynamics of the classroom and provide students with all opportunities without any hindrance for better student experiences. 

Graduate attributes are imbibed in students from the very beginning to increase employability and teachers extend their full support to make it a smooth transition from college to work. Inquiry based learning gives space to both teachers and students to ignite an interest to search for information outside the books. Real learning takes places when there is a spark of curiosity and someone is present to keep the spark alive. At REVA, we hope to be the beacon of light and keep the spark burning for the quest of knowledge through creating faculty that lead with example to produce students of character, not just in the classroom but outside as well. 

Students of REVA are products of the fine faculties who are enthusiastic and take pride in being the potter to the best pottery they have created. The students allow themselves to be freely crafted and take shape according to the guidance given by the faculty to become leaders that take the right decisions. All this and more REVA achieves by building a strong student-teacher rapport to produce world-class qualities.