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B. Tech. in Civil Engineering - REVA University
Clubs & Societies

Clubs & Societies

A nerve centre of activities, REVA has the student community engaged, not only for the enhancement of an education but also for their wholistic development. The campus has many clubs and vivacious groups for individual, intellectual and community growth.

Applied Science


Amateur Scientist Club

This club provides a niche platform for the students to showcase their forte in various branches of science at a professional level.

Chemistry research club

The objective of the club is to increase student's interest and appreciation in research.

Chemistry student club

The objective of the Club is to provide opportunity for individual participation and professional growth of students pursuing Chemistry.

Chemistry Nature Club

To create awareness and knowledge regarding environmental related issues.

Science Appreciation Club

The club provides its members a forum to discuss ideas related to different branches of science and organize as well as participate in various activities.



Club –Zero

Club –Zero was started by School of Applied Sciences (Mathematics) with an aim and objective to cultivate the interdisciplinary research activities among the students and faculties. The Club is focusing its Research interests in the following areas broadly, but of course they are not limited and the members may feel free to work for any allied areas of their choice in the board spectrum of Mathematics. The science and engineering topics on which we will be working on includes: Operations Research, Modelling & Simulation, Artificial Intelligent, Graph theory, Fluid dynamics, etc.

Pi - Club

Pi - Club was started by School of Applied Sciences (Mathematics) with an aim and objective to cultivate the interdisciplinary activities among the students . The Club is focusing on popularizing mathematics among students and give application of mathematics in daily life.

Ramanujan’s Club

The main objective of this club is to enhance the creative ideas among the students, explore the world of mathematics and also develop mathematical analytical thinking.

The club's activities are the following:
- To conduct the mathematical Quiz
- To conduct lecture contest in Mathematics
- To inculcate research activities among the students
- Invitation of speakers from reputed Mathematical organization



Novel materials club

To conduct lectures which will give insights into newly developed novel materials and exhibit the properties of novel materials.

C V Raman Club

To organize Lecture series, inspire young minds towards research.

Physics forum

To visit various research centers, Industries and conduct lectures

Science and technology appreciation club:

To make the student understand how the development in science leads to creation of technology.

Science forum

To understand the use of science in day to day life.


Bio Technology

Genetics club

The Genetics Club strives to provide students and faculty members an understanding of the evolving field of genetics and how it affects world.

Eco club

The Eco Club activities are organized to create awareness among students about the importance of conservation of environment and its protection.


Bio Chemistry


The objective of the Club is to create awareness among students regarding the importance of science in the advancement of technology




The LIT WITS aims to encourage reading and writing along with organizing events at School level like quiz, debate, slogan and so on.

[Media & Dramatics] ub

The objective of WIMS is to organize street plays, make promotional and theme-based video/movies on social issues and about the School to upload on YouTube.

[Sustainability & Environment]

The objective of EARTHIAN is to help with the outreach program for the School

(Studio work)

The aim of the club is to collaborate and coordinate student works for the National level student competition for students of Architecture-NASA


The club prepares a talent pool which would participate in ON SPOT competitions at University level and for NASA

CULTURAL (Dance, Music, Drama)

The club prepares a Talent pool of interested and committed students for Community Outreach drive, REVOTHSAVA and other University level shows


Arts & Humanties

Arts & Humanties

Poetry Club

To enable students to develop their creative and imaginative faculties with a view to appreciate poetic thoughts and poetic language.

Theatre Club

To provide a medium for the student community to develop their personality and social responsibility.

Toastmasters Club

To provide a platform for students to enhance their communication skills and improve soft skills.

Film Club

To provide educational opportunities outside the classroom and learning through entertainment.t

Book Club

To provide an open platform to students to voice their opinion on trends or various issues in different genres of writing.

Campus T.V. Club

To familiarize the students with the technicalities of television production.

Campus Radio Club

To acquaint students with the technical aspects of Radio frequency works and current trends in Radio Journalism.

Story-telling Club

To encourage students in improving the imagination faculty and promote effective presentation skills.

Psychology Club

To facilitate students to get hands on experience of psychological concepts thereby promoting sound mental health.

REVA Press Journal Club

To familiarize the students with Web Journalism and Digital Media.

Media Literacy Club

To sensitize the students to use media in ethical and professional manner.

Literary Club

To allow students to put forth their creativity in terms of writing or speaking with the help of various events.

REVA Suchi Club

To enable the students to get a practical exposure in reporting and editing various events in the University

REVA Insight Club

To showcase the various activities of all the schools of REVA University and record the steady growth of the University.





RACIT, Student forum

RACIT Student forum provides a platform for the holistic development of the students.

ACM student chapter

REVA University ACM Student Chapter aims at International technical exposure and networking among students and faculty members.

CSI student chapter

REVA University CSI Student Branch aims at National level technical exposure and networking among students and faculty members.

ISSA student Chapter

This ISSA Student chapter is a platform for technical exposure to students in the domain of information and cyber security

Mobile App Development

The Mobile App Development club is for the development of interesting and useful Mobile Applications.


The GLUG (LINUX) or FOSS club is for working in Open Source and Free Software Systems

Cyber physical Systems (CPS) and IOE Club

The objective of the Club is to impart knowledge of the latest trends in CPS to members and to explore CPS opportunities and implement smart solutions.

Cognitive Computing

The Club aims at motivating and supporting students to take up projects, seminars, talks in the areas of Machine Learning and Data Science.

Web Technology

The Web Technology club is for the development of Web based applications.

Computer Networks

The Computer Networks club is for exploring knowledge about networking technologies and creating projects based on the same.

Computational Intelligence

The objective of this club is to help students take up project, seminars and research work in the area of Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Data Science and Cloud Computing

The main objective of the club is to help students to take up projects and research work in the areas of Data Science, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing.

Robotics and Automation

The club provides competent knowledge to students in the domain of Robotics and Automation.

Hackhathon Club

The objective of this club is to provide a platform for students to develop and exhibit problem solving skills through coding

Animation and VR

The Animation and Virtual Reality Club connects members with the Animation and VR industry through workshops, projects, seminars and networking.

Designers (Ideation and Project )

The Designers Club aims to identify interesting and open issues in Computer Science and Information Technology, design and develop the solutions for the same.

Developer Student Club Powered By Google Developers

The objectives of the Club is to help students develop projects and solutions using Google Technologies effectively

Philatelic (Stamps, Coins Collection)

This Club is for students interested in hobbies like collection of stamps, bank notes, coins and so on.

Software Testing

The Club aims at exploring various techniques and tools used for testing of software and disbursing of knowledge about the same to others.

Microsoft Developers

The club aims at helping students develop projects and solutions using Microsoft Technologies effectively

Game Developers

The club aims at helping students work on game development and research for mobile, desktop and web based platforms

Database Developers

The club deals with learning, research and development of database related projects and disbursing the knowledge about the same.

AIKYA Leadership Forum

The club is a leadership forum for students to take up humanitarian tasks as well as personality development activities.

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Association of Civil Engineers(ACE)

The objective of the Association of Civil Engineers is to provide exposure to students through technical talks

Students welfare Club

The objective of the Students Welfare Club is to bridge the communication gap between students

Rotaract club of Bangalore

Rotaract Club of Bangalore in the campus aims to conduct blood donation camp, free eye and dental checkup camp and to bring awareness about organ donation

Sir Mokshagundam Vishweshvaraya Club

Sir Mokshagundam Vishweshvaraya Club aims to Encourage Research Culture and discuss Societal Problems

Smt. Rukmini Shyama Raju Club

Smt. Rukmini Shyama Raju Club aims to educate students about their roles and responsibilities towards society

Art of Living Club

The objective of the Art of Living club is to encourage cultivation of Hobby

“Parisara” Club

Parisara Club creates awareness to conserve our Environment




To expose students to meet the practical challenges in the current business scenario.


School of Computer Science & Applications


IOT club

The objective of the Club is to build industry capable talent, start-up community and entrepreneurial ecosystem through IoT.

CSA Coding Club

The objective of the Club is to inculcate an aptitude of logical thinking and coding Skills.

Anveshana- Project Idea Club

The objective of the Club is to motivate students to think technically based on the challenges in the real world.





ECE Challengers Sports Club

The objective of this student led club is to coordinate Sports activities for the University.


The club presents a platform for students to nurture passionate future coders.

Dots and Pixel Club

This club is a platform for students to expand and improve on their painting and photography skills.

EDC Club

The objective of this student led club is to focus on converting ideas into new products

HAM club

The HAM club encourages development of amateur radio


A student branch of IEEE

Rotaract club

This on campus club is a Rotary-sponsored organization for nurturing young leaders of tomorrow

Sant Sabha

A club for students interested in philosophy

Robotics club

The Robotics Club is a gathering of students who are interested in learning about and working with robots..

IETE Student Forum (ISF) Club


Sant Sabha Club

A student chapter of IETE




ELITE (Electrical Insight in Technical Endeavors)

Elite provides opportunities for students to enhance their educational experience. Students are encouraged to participate in group activities that allow them to develop personal and professional skills

Bizee Bee, Project Club

Bizee Bee is a platform to create opportunities and showcase creativity in Project based Learning. An innovative learning technique which creates an impact on skills and ideas of students.

Anubandhan Club

The objective of the club is to explore and identify common avenues of interaction with the industry as per the requirements of the University

Social outreach club

The objective of the club is to initiate programs meant for the betterment of society and nation

The Danza Club

The objective of this club is to nurture inclusive community through dance, encourage dancers to continue with their passion for the art and to exhibit their dancing skills.

The Beats – Singing club

The objective of this club is to encourage students to form a self-help group to improvise their vocal skills and to create a music and vocal band which can represent the school at the university level competitions.

Literary and Public Speaking Club

The objective of the club is to inculcate among students a love for language and enhance their literary skills.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Institute of Indian Foundrymen (IIF - Foundrymen Society)

The Institute of Indian Foundrymen is a professional organization affiliated to the World Foundry Organization, UK and Confederation of Indian Industries, India.

Fluid Power Society of India (FPSI)

As part of Industry-Academia Initiative, Student chapters have been opened in university to enable students to pursue apprenticeship programs in fluid power companies, facilitate industrial visits to FPSI member companies, award engineering projects to the students and to develop their leadership qualities.


The Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE) ISHRAE student Chapter REVA was started in 2008 for the purpose of exposure of our students to the field of refrigeration and air conditioning.


MARS (Mechanical Association for REVA Students) is an association for students of School of Mechanical Engineering, which aims to promote and improve students’ extra-curricular and co-curricular activities and organizes events like Fresher’s Day, cultural day and Farewell to outgoing students.


SAE (SOCIETY FOR AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERS) SAEINDIA is India's leading resource for mobility technology. It provides a platform for students to showcase their talent in vehicle building by conducting competitions like BAJA, EBAJA, SUPRA, EFFICYCLE.


GO- KART is a club where engineering students come in contact and participate with professional motorsport people. Go Kart is a type of open-wheel car. Go-karts come in all shapes and forms, from motorless models to high-powered racing machines.




Fashion club

A student led club that grooms students for various fashion shows

Legal Studies

Legal Studies

Moot Court Society

The REVA School of Legal Studies Moot Court Society (MCS) is the student committee entrusted with the responsibility of administering mooting activities at REVA School of Legal Studies including internal and national moot competition.


Model United Nations (otherwise known as Model UN or MUN) is an academic simulation of the debates which occur in the United Nations.


The Essence and vision of RELA is align with empowerment of the citizen for better participation in the electoral democracy in voluntarily registering and ethically voting in every elections, and by which constructing the system of democracy.

Performing Arts

Performing Arts

Aahan- contemporary dance club

Under this the students get to practice and perform for various programs and fests in and outside the University (Contemporary). 

Cam flash- Photography club


Crunk house- Western dance club

Students practice and perform for various programs and fests in and outside the University (Western). 

Drama club


Ninaada- Music club

Students get to practice and perform Indian Music and Instruments.


A club that organises programmes and cultural activities for the University after coordinating with all Schools


Students and the Faculty of different Schools in REVA University perform on a routine basis (Dance/Music/Theater).

History and Heritage Society

A student led heritage club


Students are trained in the different genres of Indian Classical and Folk dance

Kala Gnana

Students get to attend Lecture demos and Workshops on Performing Arts in all genres of Dance, Music and Theatre which is also a part of the Student Development Program and also Faculty Development Program.


Students of School of Performing Arts get to practice and perform for various programs and fests in and outside the University (Indian Classical).


Students get to learn, practice and perform in drama, skits for various programs and fests.


Management Studies

Management Studies

Entrepreneurship Club

A club to promote entrepreneurship skills amongst students


A forum to build and encourage student orators





Adventure Club


Chess Club


Cycling & Biking Club


Football Club


Kabaddi Club


Trekking club


Health Club


Cricket Club


Athletics Club



R&D, RACE, UIIC, NCC, NSS, Training & Placement, Registrar, Library, Sports, Hostel & Admin


Culinary Club

Provide hands on cooking experience, learning about kitchen safety, sanitation, Recipe preparation, Nutrition and Food Presentation.

Energy Conservation Club

The aim of the club is to find techniques and create solutions that allow better use of energy.

Green Club

To Enhance and empower students to participate and take up meaningful environmental activities and projects.

Waste Management Club

To protect health and wellbeing of the environment by providing measures for avoiding and minimising generation of waste,Reducing, Reusing, Recycling and Recovering waste ,Safely disposing of the waste and Preventing Pollution.


Applied Sciences / Training & Placement

Meditation Club




Hospitality Club

A student led club for hostellers



Reading club




National Cadet Corps-Duty, Unity and Discipline Club




NSS Club




Innovation club

A student led innovation club for young faculty

Research club





A society for Corporate talent



Faculty Club

A club for young faculty

Alumni club

An alumni talent pool


Training & Placement

Career Advancement Council

A club for Corporate scholars who meet every Saturday

SPD -Society for Personality Development-Activities and events covering business, creating public awareness, photography

A society that invites people from the industry to host various sessions on personality development for job aspirants



Design Club (Auto Disk)

A society that focusses on enhancing skills of students in designing

Incubation Club

A UIIC club for young incubators

Skill Development & Innovation Club

A student and faculty partnered club for building skills in students based on their disciplines

start Up Club

A UIIC club for start ups