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Concerts & Expos

REVA EXPO is one of the most prodigious events conducted in REVA University as a platform created for the students to showcase their talents in technicality, creativity, innovation through projects.

This year REVA EXPO is being held on 2nd and 3rd May, 2019 and it is also declared as an OPEN DAY. More than 500 projects are displayed covering the various fields of technicalities ranging from current trends that is

Computing & Information Technology
• Artificial intelligence
• Data Warehousing
• Internet of Things(IoT)
• Big Data.
• Cloud Computing.
• Machine Learning

Civil Engineering
• Construction and Management Engineering 
• Structural Engineering 
• Geotechnical Engineering 
• Transport Engineering
• Water Engineering

Electronics & Communication Engineering
• Robotics
• Microcontrollers
• Internet of Things (IoT)
• Embedded systems
• Automation

Electrical and Electronics Engineering
• Renewable Energy Resources
• Embedded systems & IoT
• Electric vehicles
• Smart Grid
• Facts, HVDC and Custom Power Devices

Mechanical Engineering
• Design & Manufacturing
• Biofuel
• Advanced Materials
• Supply chain management
• Industrial Robots

REVA EXPO also paves the way for future opportunities, as it opens up various avenues in terms of career choices and grounding for the young minds. Students visiting the campus will get a glimpse into remarkable projects designed by their seniors and they largely benefit from the same. The EXPO is open to the public as it is also the official Open Day.

Open day is a unique opportunity for parents and student aspirants to visit various Schools and Departments of REVA University and consult professors, scholars and students, who can guide them on current trends in academia, industry, research and innovations.

Celebrity Evening -

Jai Ho REVA..

Cultural Extravaganza at REVA University..

The spectacular festival of REVA University- "REVA Cultural Extravaganza" hosted on 8 April, 2018 saw 14,000 students and staff, oozed delight and enthusiam in the campus’ Open Air Theatre, the Venue for the grand event. The theme for the cultural extravaganza was "Digital REVA".

The two day cultural extravaganza of REVA University kick started with an ethnic fashion walk celebrating Indian culture and tradition. School Directors of different schools nominated the best ethnic outfit from their respective schools; and the final winners among them were decided upon in the evening finale event.

The event was inaugurated by Hon'ble Chancellor Dr P Shyama Raju in the presence of the Vice Chancellor Dr. S Y Kulkarni, REVA University. Dr. P Shyama Raju lifted the spirit of the participants with his encouraging words. He said that cultural events of this scale contribute to the all-round development of students, in addition to academics.

The cultural evening saw several mesmerizing performances showcasing the immense talent of the students in the creative areas of singing, dance, instrumentals, beat boxing and skit performance. The inter-school group dance competition was the highlight of the cultural evening, wherein a team of each school gave an outstanding performance that enthralled the audience and made them shake a leg in tune with the stage performances.

On the much anticipated second day of the cultural extravaganza, Mr. Vijay Prakash, veteran Indian singer of Jai Ho fame, performed a thrilling Live concert. His amazing performance held the audiences spellbound and in a frenzy. The versatile singer addressing the students said that he appreciated the REVA Cultural Extravaganza and the electric energy of the crowd.