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The journey at REVA University is a significant milestone in the life of every REVA student. On the day of Convocation, the students celebrate their academic accomplishments in grandeur. REVA University not only celebrates the achievements of the students but also confers the degrees to graduates, postgraduates and Ph.D. holders on Convocation Day. The convocation ceremony of REVA includes a procession of academic staff and awardees followed by a valediction ceremony. On the occasion, REVA takes time to appreciate the efforts of the future nation builders.

Brief reports on the convocations held at REVA University:

  • August 4th 2016 First Annual Convocation
  • August 2nd 2017 Second Annual Convocation
  • August 9th 2018 Third Annual Convocation
  • August 7th 2019 Fourth Annual Convocation
  • October 10th 2020 Fifth Annunal Convocation