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School of Applied Sciences of REVA University is Organizing a Two day “International Conference on Recent Advances in Applied Sciences” during 17th -18th October 2019 (ICRAAS2019)The British Deputy High Commission Bengaluru has announced that the Chevening Scholarships & Fellowships is now accepting applications, all students can approach and also apply on
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REVA – Core Values and Purpose

Every University aspires to inspire students and scholars to achieve excellence; it is more or less the driving force of a successful institution. A University goes beyond conformity when its approach to inspiring students changes with the time. The norms, requisites and standards of educating the leaders of tomorrow are changing dynamically and it is imperative for a university to keep up with the times to ensure a radical difference in the landscape of education.

On that Principle, the Core Values and Purpose of REVA University is to:

  • Attain excellence in different disciplines by creating, preserving and disseminating knowledge to all aspiring students
  • Draw inspiration from the University’s ethos and develop within its members a sense of accountability towards their community, society and the nation at large
  • Accept the challenges globalization and changing times throw at us to offer high quality education and developmental services in a competitive manner
  • Provide every opportunity to the University’s key constituents–its faculty, staff, students and the community–to excel in their domain of expertise and contribute to every task with sincerity
  • Transition from the teacher – centric focus to the learner - centric approach in imparting knowledge