First Year

S.No Subject   Sr. No Subject
01 Inorganic Chemistry I    01 Inorganic Chemistry II
02 Organic Chemistry I    02 Organic Chemistry II
03 Physical Chemistry I    03 Physical Chemistry II
04 Analytical Chemistry I    04 Analytical chemistry II – Organic Spectroscopy
05 Lab course in organic chemistry    05 Lab course in Inorganic chemistry
06 Lab course in Physical chemistry    06 Lab course in Analytical chemistry
07 Soft Core
  • Inorganic chemistry:
    Introduction to nano-science and nanotechnology (SC-1)
  • Organic Chemistry:
    Heterocyclic chemistry(SC-1)
  • Physical Chemistry:
    Surface, Interfaces and Catalysis (SC-1)
  • Analytical Chemistry:
    Advanced Instrumental methods of analysis(SC-1)
   07 Soft Core
  • Inorganic Chemistry:
    Chemistry of Life (SC-2)
  • Organic Chemistry:
    Supramolecular and Medicinal Chemistry(SC-2)
  • Physical chemistry:
    Advanced Chemical Kinetics and thermodynamics(SC-2)
  • Advanced Chemical Kinetics and thermodynamics(SC-2):
    Separation techniques (SC-2)
08 R&D    08  Lab course in Analytical chemistry

Second Year

S.No Subject   Sr. No Subject
01 Inorganic Chemistry
  • Industrial inorganic chemistry (SC-3)
  • Organometallics (SC-4)
  • Solid state chemistry and Advanced Materials (SC-5)
  • Structural methods in inorganic chemistry (SC-6)
  • Advanced Inorganic Chemistry (SC-7)
   01  Project-Work and Dissertation
02 Organic Chemistry
  • Advanced Organic Chemistry (SC-3)
  • Advanced Organic Synthesis (SC-4)
  • Natural Products and Bioorganic Chemistry (SC-5)
  • Organometallic Chemistry in organic Chemistry (SC-6)
  • Green Chemistry (SC-7)
03 Physical Chemistry
  • Photophysical processes and Applications (SC-3)
  • Energy and Energy conversion systems (SC-4)
  • Advanced Physical Chemistry (SC-5)
  • Polymer Science and Technology (SC-6)
  • Fundamentals of Electrochemistry and applications (SC-7)
04 Analytical Chemistry
  • Environmental chemistry and Applied analysis (SC-3)
  • Advanced Surface analysis and electron spectroscopy (SC-4)
  • Water chemistry and treatment technology (SC-5)
  • Fundamentals of Electroanalytical techniques (SC-6)
  • Advanced analytical Chemistry (SC-7)
  • Lab course in Inorganic chemistry
  • Lab course in organic chemistry
  • Chemistry in everyday life(OE) for other schools
  • R&D – Mini Projects(related to soft core)