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The world has shrunk into a global village thanks to the exponential growth and accessibility to internet services. The information gets dispersed within seconds all around the globe. There is a priority-driven approach by all news forums to cover the pandemic. Their role in the community has become of prime importance now. During such uncertain times, we see news reporters and correspondents braving the virus to report new developments, figures of the infected, guidelines, and rules passed by the government. They are also among the frontline workers.

List of Resource Persons:

  1. Hon'ble Ms. Justice Pratibha M. Singh (Judge, High Court of Delhi)
  2. Dr. Rama Iyer (Advocate, High Court of Karnataka)
  3. Mr. Madhavan Narayanan (Private Consultant)
  4. Dr. Aasita Bali (Department of Journalism & Communication, Christ University)

Date: 26th September 2020

Time: 10:30 AM