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Strive to excel as the best interaction center in the university system by promoting collaboration between university and industry for imparting quality education and employability skills.


To act as a catalyst for promoting collaboration amongst academicians, scientists and industrialists to achieve competitiveness in developing the technical manpower for socio economic development under the present scenario of global competition and challenges.

Skill Development Cell

The Skills Development Centre, will seek to become a progressively viable, self-sustaining institution, dedicated to the advancement of attitudes, skills and knowledge, necessary for survival in global working environment.

A. PMKVY inaugural Function:

B. PMKVY (V 2.0) - Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna Centre, REVA University:


C. Campus Robotics Club in association with SakRobotix Lab Pvt. Ltd. Odisha:




E. PMKVY (V 2.0) - Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna Centre, REVA University:


F. SDC Program On Electrical Safety:


G. SDC Program On Mobile App Development:


G. SDC Program On Networking Basics:

G. SDC Program On JAVA:


H. SDC Program On R Programing:


I. Legal AID Program:

Innovation Cell

A design and engineering center that enables students to come together to develop technological innovations and participate in national and international competitions.


Programs :

A. University Industry Interaction Center presents "Abhigyan'17"


A. Startup Investor Meet 2018:

Incubation Cell

An incubator is a company that helps new and startup companies to develop by providing services such as management training or office space. ... Business incubators differ from research and technology parks in their dedication to startup and early-stage companies.

Programs :

A. Dexterous Lab

Intellectual Property Rights Cell

Intellectual property is a category of property that includes intangible creations of the human intellect, and primarily encompasses copyrights, patents, and trademarks.


Programs :


Entrepreneurship and Development Cell ( E-cell)

An Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC Cell) is functioning in the college with the intention of nurturing entrepreneurship skills of the students. The cell provides a platform for the students to pursue entrepreneurial activities and also provide assistance to potential entrepreneurs. With the prime goal of developing responsible innovators out of engineers, the EDC strives to assist every aspiring entrepreneur on every single step. With active involvement of students the cell promotes and revitalizes the entrepreneurial culture in the college.


Programs :


MoU & Global Certifications Cell

Memorandaof Understanding (MoU)Memoranda of Understanding (or Co-operation) set out opportunitiesfor collaboration andpositive academic engagement between universities to mutual benefit,without establishing a formal legal relationship between the twoinstitutions.


Programs :








D. Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII)

E. Skill Sonics


Industry database and Interaction for Collaboration 2016-17

Sl No. Industry/Company Name School Name
1 ORACLE India Pvt Ltd CIT/ECE/EEE/Mech/Civil
4 IB Innovation India Pvt. Ltd CIT/ECE/EEE/Mech/Civil
5 Sak Robotics CIT/ECE/EEE
6 EduLife CIT/ECE/EEE/Mech/Civil
7 NEN CIT/ECE/EEE/Mech/Civil/Architecture/MBA
8 Dexterous Labs CIT/ECE/EEE
9 Manya Education Pvt Ltd- The Princeton Review CIT/ECE/EEE/Mech/Civil
10 Imperial Society of Innovative Engg Mech
11 Autodesk Mech
12 Atom Mech Mech
13 AMZ Automotive (formerly called Elite Techno Groups) Mech
14 15 Edify Community ASSOCHAM Mech All Steam
16 TCS ion C&IT / ECE / EEE/ Mech
17 Smart Focuz General
18 CADCentre Mech
19 Skill Sonics General
20 EDII General

Collaborations and Training partners

  • MoU with AITMC , Center of Excellence for Skill Development
  • MoU with Electronic Sector Skill Council
  • MoU With Telecommunication Sector Skill Council
  • NSDC Training Partner
  • National Entrepreneurship Network Cell – REVA EDC

Industry Partners

  • EMC Academic Alliance
  • VMware IT Academy
  • SAP student Academy
  • Oracle Student Academy
  • Robogenesis
  • Go-Shakthi Designs
  • Chipware Technologies
  • NAL Ltd
  • Kar-Mic Ltd
  • Accord Software
  • Symphony Services
  • Intel Corporation
  • ISRO
  • IBM
  • Mobility Research Forum
  • V2 Civil Diagnostics
  • Hunet Technologies
  • Confederation of Indian Industry
  • Karmic
  • BSNL
  • Edulife Technologies
  • FICE
  • Dexterous labs

Community Outreach

A. Corporate Social Responsibility

  • REVA UIIC, in association with Team Lease executed the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) project of Whirlpool in the month of June 2017. For the first batch, there were 25 students who got the benefit out of this project. Certified students entered into OJT (on job training) with Rs. 7250/- as Stipend.
  • We mobilized 70% of female candidates and all the Women candidates got pass and currently under OJT.
  • Training Method: One month Class room training followed by 3 months of OJT
  • Brief about the program:
  • Funding Partner : Whirlpool
  • Operational Partner: Team lease
  • Beneficiary: 25 college dropout students
  • Course Name: Sales Associates

B. Contribution towards # Cashless #Digital Cash campaign for local vendors, VISAKA project MHRD, Digital Financial literacy campaign at REVA University :



C. 'National Digital literacy Mission ': ##Digital ":



D. As a part of community outreach program REVA University Industry Interaction Center (UIIC) has joined hands with Motherhood India Hospital, for the noble task “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” walkathon on Daughter’s Day 24th September 2017, 7:15 AM at Cubbon Park, Bangalore :


E. Makers Day Program

F. Select HER Program : Select HER is a demand-driven corporate initiative to skill and empower underprivileged women for careers in lifestyle & fashion retail in India. It is a carefully designed, mentor-led, advanced skill training program which incorporates retail skills, life skills as well as on-job-training.

National Learnathon Championship








Hon'ble Union Minister for HRD (Govt. of India) Sri Prakash Javadekar & Hon'ble Union Minister for Statistics & Program implementation (GOI) Sri D. V. Sadananda Gowda visited REVA University & applauded the work of Skill development centre, UIIC on 28 October 2017


“Certification Courses in Infrastructure Management in Association with Smartfocuz. “

Industry collaboration

VMware IT Academy program @ REVA university, students got trained on Data Center Virtualization Course on 18- 19th March 2016

  • VMware IT Academy Program at REVA University
  • Inauguration of VMware IT Academy Program at REVA University
  • Data Center Virtualization Course - VMware IT Academy Program


AITMC Center of Excellence for Skill Development

Program Conducted 2015

  • Technical seminar was conducted on “Software Defined Networking and IBM Blue Mix for UG Students “on 21st August 2015.
  • Technical seminar was conducted on “R programming for UG Students “on 29th August 2015.
  • 4 Days workshop “Internet of Things” conducted for faculty and students of both UG and PG on 20th to 25th August 2015.
  • Technical seminar was conducted on “Agile Technologies “for the students 9th September 2015.
  • Technical seminar was conducted on “Effective Coding Techniques “for the students 12th September 2015.
  • Technical seminar was conducted on “IBM Blue Mix for UG Students “on 23rd September 2015.
  • One day workshop on “Application Design Prototyping” (IOS) was conducted at REVA –Main Building -Auditorium, REVA University on 23rd September 2015 for all the students of REVA ITM.
  • One day workshop on “Application Design Prototyping” (IOS) was conducted at REVA –Main Building –Seminar Hall 2, REVA University on 8 th October 2015 for all the students of REVA ITM and REVA University.
  • A 2 Days FDP on “Data Center Virtualization fundamentals VMware IT academy in association with ICTACT” held on 14th and 15th October 2015 at REVA University for School of Computing and IT.
  • A 2 Days FDP on “Big Data and Hadoop” held on 30th and 31st October 2015 at REVA University for School of Computing and IT.
  • The FDP on “SAP” held on 4 th January 2016 to 22nd January 2016 at REVA University for School of Computing and IT.
  • A 2 Days FDP on “Programming On Wireless Sensor Networks & Internet of Things ” held on 22nd and 23rd January 2016 at REVA University for School of Computing and IT.
  • The 3 days SDP on “Hack-x-pliot” conducted for students during 10th to 12th February 2016 at REVA University by School of Computing and IT.
  • Technical seminar was conducted on “Careers on Armed Forces “for the students 11th March 2016.
  • Technical talk on “FIST “w as conducted on for the Faculties on 12th March 2016.
  • The 2 days SDP on “Data Center Virtualization” conducted for students during 17th and 18th March 2016 at REVA University by School of Computing and IT.
  • Technical seminar was conducted on “Summer Internship Program “for the students 19th April March 2016.
  • The 10 Days SDP on “Oracle Certified Associate OCA- SQL batch 1 “ July 1 st to July 10th 2016 at REVA University for School of Computing and IT/ECE.
  • The 13 Days SDP on “Core JAVA“duri ng July 1
  • st to 13th 2016 at REVA University by School of Computing and IT.
  • The 13 days SDP on “Android Application” during July 1 st to 13th 2016 at REVA University by School of Computing and IT.
  • The 2 days FDP on “Soft computing approach for pattern recognition” held on 21st to 23rd July 2016 at REVA University by School of Computing and IT.
  • The FDP on “Intellectual Property Rights” held on 30th July 2016 at REVA University by School of Computing and IT.
  • The FDP on “Teaching Methods for Software Engineering Course” held on 6 th August 2016 at REVA University by School of Computing and IT.
  • The FDP on “An NLP Approach for Spoken and Written Language Processing: A Beginning of the Research Journey” held on 6 th August 2016 at REVA University by School of Computing and IT.
  • A 3 days Internship Training on “Analytics with R” for M Tech CNE – Part time held during 26th, 27th July and 10th September 2016.
  • The SDP on “Oracle Certified Associate OCA- SQL – Batch2“ October 2016 to 15th November 2016 at REVA University by School of Computing and IT.
  • Four days workshop conducted on MATLAB Tools for Analysis and Computations in Engineering during 28th To 31st December 2015 for all REVA students and Faculties.
  • One day workshop conducted on Introduction to Latex on 17th December 2015 to all the students and staff of REVA.
  • One day Training conducted on Application development using swings and JDBC on 13h February 2016 to the students.
  • One day Training conducted on Introduction HTML5 and CSS-3 on 5 h March 2016 to the students.
  • A talk on “Higher Education Abroad”, delivered on 11th Sept 2015 (CS/IT) by Princeton Review
  • A one day workshop on “App Design Prototyping” was conducted on 23rd Sept 2015 in association with Creative InfoTech Apple Training partners. (CS/IT, ISE, MCA, ECE, EEE)
  • APOLLO Life Saver Program conducted by RISM on Oct 9th 2015 (Life science Students)
  • School of Electronics and Communication Engineering Conducted workshop on “Industrial Automation “, on 9th-10th Oct 2015
  • A Two days workshop on “Data Center Virtualization Fundamentals” , conducted on 14th -15th Oct 2015 in association with Vmware (MCA, CS/IT)

Program Conducted 2017-2018

Name of the School  First Year Second Year Third year Fourth Year 
Computing and Information Technolong System Servicing and troubleshooting Machine learning using Python Programming Deep learning Latex  based documentation
  Linux Administration Mobile App Development IoT R Programming
  Open Source Tools Introduction to Microcontroller programming Data analytics Advanced Java Programming
  Website Design Technical Paper Wirting-1 Devops Business Analytics With R
  Digital Photography   Technical Paper Wirting-2 Global Certification
  Python Basics      
  Ethical Hacking      
  3D Animation      
Electronics and Communication Enggineering  Pc assembly and troubleshooting techniques Analog vLSI Digital testing Computer communication network architecture(ccna)
  Fundamentals of Linux operating system Processor architecture Msp430 Global Certification
  Fundamentals of Arduino programming Ft using mat lab   Image processing using open cv/lab view  
  Lab view simulation Digital vlsi Mems  
  Fundamentals of pcb designing Programming  Black fin processor  
  Programming using nodemcu Using raspberry pi Antenna design using hfss  
  Fundamentals of matlab simulation Image processing using matlab    
  Basics of python programming      
  Fundamentals of mobile repair techniques      
  Fundamentals of web programming      
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Electrical safety Motor rewinding and Maintences of Electrical motors Micro controller and power Electronic Design Scada
  Design and development of Embedded systems   Global Certification
  System training institute NTPI, Bangalore      
  Soldering Practices, component      
  Identification management and small      
  Devices based application development      
Mechanical Engineering  Automotive  Dynamics Institution: AMZ Introduction to Robotics CATIA Drone Technology
   Motorsport Engineering Institution: Edify Introduction to Microcontroller programming CREO Autodesk Fusion 360
   CAED – Solid Edge Advanced Automotive  Dynamics Ansys GD&T
   Introduction to Solid works   Advanced Motorsport Engineering Hyper mesh
  Introduction to basics of C Programming      
  Introduction to basic Electronics      
Civil Engineering  Plumbing Total station.Building planning and Drawing with CAD. Extensive Survey ( old Tank, New Tank) Estimation and Costing
  Auto CAD   Extensive Survey Highway, public Health Project Management
Architecture Architectural model making Basic construction techniques using mud Gramavidya Alternate construction Technology using bamboo Industry/institutional Tie up:Manasaram Architects Conservation Project Management
MCA /BCA/Bs/Ms N+ certification courses Course Name: Oracle Certification (BCA & BS)  DTP certification (BCA)/Multimedia and Graphics (BCA) NA
(BCA & BS) Netsoftgyan academy CISCO/CCNA (MCA & MS) ISTQB Certification(MCA) NA
Ethical Hacking (MCA & MS) Link Mind Solutions     NA
N+ Certification (BCA & BS) NetsoftGyan academy   Course Name: Android Application (MCA) NA
Oracle Commercial English (BS) Project (MCA/BCA) NA
Legal Studies Criminal Justice Legal writing skills Alternative Dispute Resolution CADR Legal Research
 Legal Article writing skills
Digital Marketing Management Fundamentals Arbitration Moot Court
Legal aid community legal clinics      
Arts and Humanities Advance Communicative Skill, Interpersonal Skills, person E certification English Language Teaching/Teaching NA NA
Special series of Lectures by experts in creative writing. Editing and research Demo, Training NET NA NA
  Training on CV writing, Presentation, NA NA
  Presentation, Research Journal Publishing NA NA
Biotechnology Clinical Research Molecular Techniques NA NA
IC Bio, Wipro Life sciences NA NA
Quintiles Bio informatics & Diagnostics NA NA
Analytical Instrumental Analysis   NA NA
Commerce Advanced and Foundation Excel  Project Management NA NA
MBA Microsoft Office Tool   NA NA
Times Professional Learning Project Management NA NA
Digital Marketing   NA NA
    NA NA
 Make- up and costume 
Computer basics       Costume designing    
 Costume designing
 Acoustics and lighting 
  Stage craft
 Acoustics and lighting 
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