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Transport Facility

REVA transport offers a fleet of buses for the convenient travel of faculty members, staff members and students. All buses are under a dedicated transport wing and regular maintenance of these vehicles are carried out without fail.

The transport network of REVA spreads across Bengaluru City. The buses are well equipped with automated door systems to ensure the safety of students and staff during the travel. Every bus has a driver and an attendant who ensure the safe pick up and drop of the passengers. The buses are available for the staff and students at a subsidised rate.


The entire REVA campus is under the surveillance of CCTV. Since REVA University has a huge campus of 45+acres, the security of students and staff is a great concern. The CCTV cameras inside the campus ensure the security of people inside the campus to prevent unauthorised access and suspicious deeds.

CCTV cameras are installed throughout the campus to ensure the safe navigation of students throughout the large campus.  The cameras are placed to deter vandalism of University property, criminal activity, theft, policy breach, security breach, etc. The major advantage of CCTV camera installation is that the campus can be scrutinised by the security personnel from anywhere at any time. CCTV cameras ensure 24/7 security to the day scholars, hostelites, faculty members, and staff of REVA University.

ICT Classrooms

REVA has smart classrooms that are completely digitalised with projectors, Moodle and Lecture Capturing System to preserve paper. Notes and assignments are distributed amongst students through Moodle to ensure better learning and timely submissions. Lecture Capturing System is used to capture lectures of faculty members that can be used by the students to learn and relearn the completed class portions. Classes are made interesting and sustaining for students using ICT based pedagogy, YouTube and other digital links apart from Moodle and e-assignments.  REVA has gone one step ahead and introduced Tab-based assessment for students that help to submit assessments a less complicated process and the evaluation error-free and quick.


REVA has an efficient ERP system in place, which sends SMS alerts regarding the attendance of students and other important notifications to their parents. Being the proponent of a greener world, REVA has digitalised majority of the teaching-learning processes.


Every block in REVA University is equipped with a permanent wheelchair ramp to ensure smooth mobility of differently abled people within the campus. These ramps are built to allow users to have freedom of life with a safe and easy movement. The wheelchair ramps in every block enable the users to enjoy both outdoor and indoor activities. It helps the users to become independent while moving around the campus.

The campus itself is wheelchair-friendly with proper pathways designed by keeping wheelchair users in mind.


Like ramps, every other block in REVA University is equipped with lifts. Lifts are installed with enough space to accommodate wheelchair users for their easy movement. Differently abled people can access the inaccessible areas in the University through lifts, especially for those who find it difficult to climb stairs in different blocks. The reduced speed of the lifts helps the passengers to feel safe and secure.

Others can also use the lifts whenever necessary.

Business Labs

Business Labs of School of Management Studies and School of Commerce offer a unique opportunity for the students to learn about various business activities under replicated real-life business scenarios. The state-of-the-art facilities and technology incorporated in the business labs enable the students to study the working methodology of various businesses.

The business lab helps to inculcate knowledge and practical skills in students that help them to prepare for future employment and entrepreneurship. It provides industry-based training in the form of presentations, case studies, industrial visits, internships and expert interaction.