About Reva Unversity

REVA University is one of the premier universities in Karnataka. The University is located in Bengaluru on a sprawling green campus, spread over 45 acres of land, built with the state-of-the-art infrastructure creating an environment conducive for higher learning and research.

The University is an abode of higher learning offering undergraduate postgraduate and doctoral programs in Engineering, Architecture, Law, Commerce, Management Studies, Science and Technology, Arts and Humanities, and Performing Arts.

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About KSTA Conference

The progress of a country is measured by the development and usage of Science and Technologyin various fields which affect the economic growth and societal well-being. Globally, the Science and Technology are the foundation of a successful economy, especially as nations are rapidly progressing towards sustainable knowledge-based economy. They are very essential to create the basic amenities and infrastructure which will raise living standards, give opportunity to citizens to create wealth and to lighten degradation of natural resources and to retain biodiversity. In addition, if developing countries have to gain competitive edge over others, they should have better understanding of Science and develop the Technology to find solutions to many of the challenges they are facing today.

Science and Technology should be used as a tool to meet the globally increasing demand for food, clean water, safeguarding the environment, etc., To meet these demands there is a need for innovation and accelerate the pace of discovery. However, the principle which guides innovation should be faster, reliable and sustainable. Another aspect of this innovation should aim at inclusive growth.

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About 10th Conference of KSTA

The Conference in Bengaluru is being organized as a Signature Event of KSTA in association. The Tenth Conference is proposed to be organized in association with REVA University, Bengaluru. The Event has to be organized on any two mutually convenient days between December 2017 – January 2018. During the conference, distinguished talks will be organized by inviting renowned scientists and eminent technologists on various topics related to the central theme of the conference.

Conference Objective

To bring awareness about contribution of science and technology for human welfare among different cross sections of civil society

To create interest in scientific and technological developments among officers of line departments, teaching faculty and research scholars

To foster understanding of scientific developments and advancements in the field of S&T

To popularize utilization of advanced technological tools in various sectors of the economy for the overall development of the state

To felicitate eminent scientists for their contribution to S&T developments in the state as well as the country

Call for paper

  • Extended abstract should not exceed more than 700 words
  • Type set should be in front size-12 in time new roman with 1.5 space
  • Abstract should be sent to mail ID: kstareva18@gmail.comon or before 5th January 2018.
  • Registration form and scanned copy of DD along with Abstract should be sent to mail ID: kstareva18@gmail.com on or before 5th January 2018.
  • No spot registration is encouraged
  • Accommodation is provided only for 200 delegates ( first come first serve basis)

Please Note: Since it's winter, we recommend you to get warm clothes.

Poster presentation

The conference will provide a platform for delegates to present their ideas and research outcomes in the form of research poster presentations. The posters could be presented on any aspects related to physical & mathematical sciences; chemical & life sciences; interdisciplinary sciences and engineering sciences (including all branches) by Scientists/Researchers, Teaching Faculty and Post Graduate/ Research Students of the State. A compendium of selected abstracts will be brought out and circulated to all the delegates during the conference.

Prize money

To encourage excellence in scientific research, the best posters will be awarded cash prizes in each category such as physical & mathematical sciences; chemical & life sciences; interdisciplinary sciences and engineering sciences as given below:

A panel of experts consisting of KSTA Members and eminent Professors will be constituted to select the best posters. The panel will review the posters based on the originality of research, objectivity, utility to society and presentation.


Registration form is attached below

Important Dates

Last for submission of abstract: 5th January 2018

Conference on: 18th and 19th January 2018.