Third Annual Convocation of REVA University - 2018
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Third Annual Convocation of REVA University - 2018


Organised By: REVA University


Held on : 09-08-2018


“Our Main Resource is the Undaunting Youth of this Nation”

REVA University was grandiose personified, hosting its majestic Third Annual Convocation on 9 August, 2018 at 10:30 am at the Open Air Theatre, Rukmini Knowledge Park, Yelahanka , Bangalore celebrating the triumph of 1733 graduating students. This day witnessed a surge of academic excellence with 22 Gold Medalists, 7 PhDs, 525 Post Graduates and 1201 Graduates receiving their degrees across the fields.

The envious scale of students about to be awarded their degrees entered the venue with proud parents and carefully clouded emotions of excitement and slipping nerves on their faces. The event was embellished with the adorned presence of His Excellency Shri. Vajubhai Rudabhai Vala, the Honorable Governor of Karnataka and Visitor of the University, who bestowed his blessings and conferred the degrees to students graduating with Bachelors, Post-Graduation and PhDs in the fields of Engineering, Commerce, Management Studies, Arts and Humanities. Shri. G. T. Devegowda, Honorable Minister for Higher Education was the Esteemed Chief Guest of the event. Padma Bhushan Dr. B. N. Suresh, President, Indian National Academy of Engineering gave an enlightening Convocation Address. The Venerated personalities and the gathering were welcomed by Dr. P. Shyama Raju, Honorable Chancellor, REVA University.

Giving a beautiful prelude in the form of a procession by all the dignitaries, Dr. P. Shyama Raju raised the curtain on the ceremony with his speech. He extended a warm welcome to the guests. “The phenomenal growth of this University from a mere 176 graduands in 2016 to an unbelievable 1733 in 2018, is exhilarating”. He granted the credit to the combined efforts of the faculty, staff, management and students. The Ceremony had a formal opening by His Excellency Shri. Vajubhai Rudabhai Vala.

“Change is certain” reverberated Padma Bhushan Dr. B. N. Suresh followed by the reminder “you are moving from predictability to unpredictability now”. He likened the education received at REVA to a lesson for life, equipping student to be “Global Geniuses”. He defined the path that would help graduating students move in the right direction; clearly demarcated goals powered by high aspirations and supplemented by sheer hard work. His advice to all was to “Uphold the legacy of the University”. He emphasized on giving back to the coming generation what we received from the preceding one and adding ions to it by accepting challenges that come their way. Such a practice will spiral their growth in every sphere of life.

Shri. G. T. Devegowda’s address was palpable and found the REVA beat with his declaration “Great Student Make Great Universities”. He upheld the importance of “Indianness” in everything we do, undeterred by locations and cultures. Being an Indian first and working for the betterment of the Country should be at the forefront of every graduating youth’s mind according to him. He urged students to take up initiatives and responsibilities in order to learn every step of the way. REVA University’s work with Indian villages have not gone unnoticed, he encouraged the University and students to adopt more and more villages and transform their living with the zeal every student carries here.

“Time Management is the most important tool to succeed in life”. With these wise words, His Excellency Shri. Vajubhai Rudabhai Vala congratulated the graduating students of REVA. His precious counsel was affirmed and treasured by all gathered. “Be fearless. To get something, give up on something, and Let the high ideals set by REVA guide you through your life”. His speech was a dedication to the youth of the country and REVA, who are responsible for bringing about change that was envisaged decades ago and with a young vigor he said, “You are the future, the main resource of this nation”. He believes that with the great activities and exertion for innovation conducted in the premises of REVA University, it will prove to be a catalyst for positive change in the Country. “REVA is one of the best Universities in the Country today and you are one of the luckiest to have an education here”. He closed the ceremony with a memorable adage, “Construct. Don’t Destruct. Make your University, your State, and your Country proud”.

REVA University has grown from a budding Institute to one that heralds change and emanates excellence in a span of 4 years. Research, Innovation and epitomizing pragmatic learning are pillars of the University. The success it has achieved is mainly due to its contemporary curriculum, the unique model of Outcome based learning and their novel systems of student engagement and assessment. REVA has 15 Under Graduate programs and 22 Post Graduate programs and various supporting skill enhancing courses with equal importance given to Performing, Fine Arts and Sports.

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