One day faculty and student development program on Capacitor Technology
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Title: One day faculty and student development program on Capacitor Technology

Date : 23rd February 2019

Time : 10:30 AM to 01:30 PM

Venue : Kalpana Chawla Seminar Hall, C V Raman Block

Organized By : School of EEE


Teachers /Coordinators : K Narayana Swamy & Adithya Ballaji

Description of Event :

The School of EEE had organized a FDP on “Capacitor Technology" on 23rd February, 2019 between 10:30 AM to 01:30 PM in Kalpana Chawla, Seminar Hall, C V Raman Block for the faculty and students of School of EEE

The FDP was conducted by Sri. Shylendra Kumar CM, VP, PGM, ABB Ltd, India

Description of Speakers: Sri. Shylendra Kumar C M is an electrical engineering graduate from UVCE Bangalore has served as a practicing power quality engineer in ABB for more than 25 years. With wide experience in design & engineering , quality management, application engineering, R&D, marketing and business management, is presently serving as Vice president & local product manager of High Voltage Power capacitors & filters in ABB. He was IEEMA (Indian electrical and electronics manufacturing association) chairman for capacitor division from 2008 to 2012 and contributed in addressing capacitor industry issues at a national level and worked with Government bodies of power sector in framing policy decisions in the field of capacitors and filters. As an active member of Indian and International standards organization (IS & IEC) for shunt capacitors in Electro technical committees ET29 and TC 33 is engaged in formulation and up gradation of governing technical standards. Worked with customer segments spanning PGCIL, SEBs, industries and transportation segments in the field of improving power system efficiency in Indian and International sector. 400 kV FSC & TCSC FACTS projects, HVDC projects for NE-Agra 800 kV line , HVDC CK 1 and 2, ongoing RP 800 6000 MW transmission system are some key projects where contribution was acknowledged. The Technical Talk focused on following key points: Capacitor technology for power quality application: Power quality is today one of the very relevant topics in the field of power system. The basic necessity in the last few decades in Indian power sector was to close the gap between supply and demand which in recent times has improved to a level that we no longer speak of power shortage. However today’s power system has become complex with a lot more of non-linear power electronics loads and inductive industrial loads that has given rise serious power quality issues. Thankfully there are many solutions that have also come up to address these power quality issues and Capacitors and capacitor based systems are the core building blocks of these power quality mitigation solutions. A brief look into the various technology aspects of the design applications and manufacturing processes of the capacitors are covered in today’s presentation. Also a look into how the future technologies in the field power quality will also be covered.

The FDP focused on the following key points:
1. Capacitor and Filter
2. What is meant by power quality
3. Reactive Power Fundamentals
4. Voltage Stability
5. Vacuum Impregnation
6. How to remove moisture

Following are the outcomes achieved:
1. Understanding of Capacitor and Filter
2. Concept of power quality and its role in transmission of power
3. Understanding of Reactive Power Fundamentals
4. Importance of Voltage Stability
5. How important is Vacuum Impregnation

Total Participants:
Faculty from School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Students from 8th semester were present.

Events held @ REVA