International Women’s day 2019
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Title: International Women’s day

Date : 8th March 2019

Organized By : School of EEE, REVA University

Time : 12 noon to 3:00 pm

Venue :Missionaries of Charity,Mother Theresa‘s Home for the sick and dying destitute , REVA University

Subject:Visit toMother Theresa‘s Home for the sick and dying destitute

Coordinators: Prof.ChristinaV/Prof.Nethra/Prof.Sahithi/Prof.Ashwini/Prof.Mamatha/Prof.Sujo

The school of EEE observed International Women’s Day by visiting Missionaries of Charity, Mother Theresa’s Home for the sick and dying destitute .There were 130 residents in the home. Most of them were abandoned and destitute. Few elders are very sick and mentally challenged.

The staff and students were grouped and each group was assigned with an elderly women and they had a short conversation.

The students were given the task of conducting a small survey. Following questions were asked to the elderly women in the home:

  • How should women be strong in the society?
  • What makes you feel positive about life?
  • Who is an achiever according to you?
  • What is your advice to young women?

The students were able to understand the pain of the elderly women and their loneliness which gave a paradigm shift in the way each girl was looking at life.

The students performed for the elders, few of the elders joined the students and merrily danced to the tunes.Lunch was served for all the residents. Medicines were contributed for three months as per their requirement.

Students felt the pain of the elders in the home and they promised to take care of their parents, elders in their family and surroundings. The sisters of the home prayed for all the staff and students.

International Women’s Day was meaningful and memorable for all the women of EEE.

Event Outcome:

  • Students understood their Social responsibility
  • Students realized their role as daughters and granddaughters.
  • Students promised to take care of the elders in their family and surrounding

Total Participants: 160

All the lady faculty members visited the home, along with 145 students


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