Report on National Level 4 days Event - Intel IoT Rapid Prototype Camp (RPC) 2016
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Report on National Level 4 days Event - Intel IoT Rapid Prototype Camp (RPC) 2016


Held On : 03-10-2017


Organised By : REVA University


Report on National Level 4 days Event - Intel IoT Rapid Prototype Camp (RPC) 2016

Held On :

Organised By :

REVA University

A National Level four-day event of Intel's "Internet of Things Rapid Prototype Camp (RPC) 2016" organized at the REVA University campus had a definite momentum, as students from across the country had gathered at the Lush green campus of REVA University, in order to participate in the inaugural function held at the Kuvempu auditorium REVA University. The students from various institutes and Universities await an opportunity to build their dreams into IOT products. Intel's IOT rapid prototyping gives access to the students to build their products quickly and gain access to the market by acquiring potential users/clients on the basis of the problem that they are going to solve, as well as assess the need and demand for such solution in the market. The event began with a classic devotional song, followed by the REVA University Anthem. Dr. P.Shyama Raju the Chancellor of the REVA University, Dr. H. S. Jamadagni, Professor Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and the esteemed directors of the REVA University presided the occasion.

Dr. S. Y. Kulkarni, Pro-VC of REVA University mentioned as to how REVA University has been recognized as the Tech Savvy as well as Innovative University, with a vision to reach excellence through the research and innovation path. He continued to mention that while building an IOT based solution, the builders should consider the fact of saving power supported with efficient batteries.

Dr. H. S. Jamadagni, Professor IIScbegan his inspiring speech introducing the concept of innovation to the audience, mentioning that prototyping is about unleashing the innovation. He advised that all big Universities need to adopt three types of strength - Teaching, Research and Innovation. He suggested that all the three, complement each other than staying individualistic. Speaking about the research, he mentioned that it is a methodology where new things are discovered. He also gave examples of people who research problem and discovered solutions for solving the same. He further added that Intel Rapid Prototyping is all about presenting the skills in the form of an IOT product, which is integrated with knowledge as well as principles to bring usefulness to the world. He advised to the builders to think unusually and focus in the areas of Music, Sports which breaks the conservative barrier.

Dr P Shyama Raju, Chancellor of REVA University gave a short speech yet refreshed the audience with his inspiring words as well as wished everyone the best for prototyping while urging the students to make a difference by building solutions that can be used by the industry that also brings even greater name to the REVA University.

Followed by the vote of thanks, the event had an opening for the 4 days Intel's IOT rapid prototyping that will be held at the REVA University's campus.

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