Visit to 77" E , DivyaSree Project
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Visit to 77" E , DivyaSree Project


Held On : 18-04-2017


Organised By : REVA University


Visit to 77" E , DivyaSree Project

Held On :

Organised By :

REVA University

The 4th and 2nd Semester students of Architecture visited the project Site of DivyaSree's 77'E. The Faculty members accompanied Students who intended the visit to be a learning for Building Services for the higher semester and for residential design case study for the lower semester.

Two College buses filled with the contingent left the campus by 9 am and reached the site by 10.15 am. We were cordially received by the Project office and Architect Pavan and Structural Engineer Mr. Senthil, and Mr. Rajat quickly organized us into two groups. The second-semester students were taken around the Villa project.

The fourth-semester students were ushered into the conference room of the Project office. They were first shown the drawings prepared for all the services like Fire safety, Water supply, PHE, Electricity and each topic explained in detail by the concerned services team lead. Mr. Pavan who was familiar with our students from previous visits in 2015/ 2016 patiently explained all aspects in the simplest language to make it comprehensible for the students. The students asked many questions and once the general understanding was sought on integrating Services with Planning, we were taken to the apartment units to see how these measures are implemented at the Unit level. Further to this, at the Macro level the services planning like Underground storage units for Water supply, Firefighting, the Ring mains. the Electric Panel rooms, the STP all located in the Basement was explained in detail.

It was indeed a wonderful experience to see the Services being so well integrated into a Project of this scale and completely in adherence to all Building norms and best practices in the Industry. We hope our students will take this high level of professionalism and ethics with them into practice when they are in the real world.

Meanwhile, the second-semester students who will soon be doing a residence design as part of their Architectural Design studio were taken around the Villa project. The 5000 sft units, many already occupied, were shown in detail and students were full of questions on finishes and fittings. They were also shown a completed unit with interiors in order to understand the usability of space. The units spread over 3 levels are all well planned and we hope the students will be able to take the understanding of volumes into their design. They also spent time at the Club house," Iridium" to understand hospitality planning.

What can be more rewarding than a wonderful lunch at the club house? This was exactly what was provided. We had carried the lunch with us in the morning, generously arranged by the REVA management. All students helped to serve the food, and Mr. Senthil and his team graciously joined us for the lunch. Good practice is to leave the premises as clean as we found it, and all students and faculty quickly cleared up the premises and left 77'Place by 2.15pm.

We thank our beloved Chancellor Dr. P. Shyama Raju for initiating this Site visit and hope our Students take this to the next level by implementing the" outside classroom learnings" into their design.

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