Awareness on Massive open online courses (MOOC)
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Awareness on Massive open online courses (MOOC)


Held On : 21-04-2017


Organised By : REVA University


Awareness on Massive open online courses (MOOC)

Held On :

Organised By :

REVA University

IIT Bombay had organized a “4TH A-View INTERACTION SESSION FOR SKANI101Xs Blender 3D Animation course” on Friday dated 21st April from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm using A-View interaction software for remote centers throughout India. REVA University had attended the session from the School of ECE, A total 23 students of 4th and 6th semester had actively participated in the online interaction session.

Before online interaction session, Dr. R C Biradar, Director, School of ECE, gave awareness about the MOOC course. He stressed upon the free online courses offered by IIT Bombay which helps the student to gain knowledge, exploring it to the larger student community, participate in online live interaction through the remote center and get the certificate and credits accordingly. The Director also discussed on creating a facility were every student should enroll for MOOC courses and it will be part of the curriculum.

After online interaction session, Prof. Md Tauseef, Coordinator for this session, motivated students to take up the online courses which would help the student to build their career and explore job opportunities. He also encouraged his student Ms. Sproothi from 4th Sem to speak and share about her experience on working with the Blender 3D Animation tool which was part of the e-Yantra project. The 4th sem students showed lot of interest in the MOOC courses and immediately registered for Blender 3D animation course offered by IIT Bombay

The event was coordinated by Prof. Md Tauseef, and technical setup is taken care by Mr. Chandrasekhar.

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