Workshop on Python for Data Science
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Workshop on Python for Data Science


Held On : 05-05-2017 & 06-05-2017


Organised By : REVA University


Workshop on Python for Data Science

Held On :

Organised By :

REVA University

No. of students registered and attended the workshop : 40


Average Student Feedback : The students found the sessions relevant and interesting and want a follow up of the contents of Python Programming for data science.


The School of C & IT conducted a hands on workshop on Python Programming for data science for the students of RU and RITM under the coordination of Dr. Mallikarjuna Kodabagi, Dr. Vishwanath RHulipaled and Prof. Rashmi C.

The program began with inauguration session in the Basement Seminar hall,Swami Vivekananda Block which was presided by Honorable Chancellor,Dr. P Shyamaraju and graced by Vice-Chancellor, Dr. S.Y.Kulkarni,Honorable director Dr. Sunilkumar S Manvi of the school of C &IT. The inauguration was attended by the targeted students and faculty members.

Inauguration was followed by sessions on Day 1 with the in house faculty members.The topics covered on Day 1 laid the foundation towards learning advanced concepts in Day 2.The faculty members and the corresponding topics covered are as follows:

Introductionto Python and Installation Procedures – Prof. Sarvamangala

Pythonvariables and data structures, Python I/O operations – Ms.Anusha Meti

Conditionaland looping constructs – Prof. Rashmi C

Day2 sessions were conducted by the faculty members of the School of C &IT as well as a data scientist of IBM, Bengaluru. The concepts covered along with the corresponding members who handled the sessions are as follows:

TextProcessing using NLTK Approach – Prof. Sreekanth Jere

FileHandling – Prof. Dheeraj

Dataanalysis using python – Mr. Venkat (IBM)


Workshop on Python for Data Science

Workshop on Python for Data Science

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